The Walking Dead, Mid Season Premiere

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The Walking Dead gave us a not one, but two mind-blowing deaths on tonight's all-new episode, "The Grove." And over on Once Upon a Time, fans discovered yet another spellbinding family connection that will dramatically changed the phrase, "green with envy."

Plus, catch up on all the OMG TV moments from Shameless, Revenge and more!

The Good Wife: Did you miss all of the heart-pounding tension on tonight's all-new episode of The Good Wife? Catch up here and discover exclusive scoop from the lovely Carrie Preston. Plus, find out if a Good Wife spin-off could be in the works!

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The Walking Dead: Um, bat-s--t crazy, party of one? Your table is ready! Tonight on the AMC thriller we discovered that not everyone believes that a post-apocalyptic zombie invasion is a bad thing. Some, like twisted little Lizzie, believe that walkers are playful little pets. (What a stupid girl.) Tyresse, Carol, Lizzie, Mika and little baby Judith were en route to Terminus and stopped in a house to rest. After weeks of odd and disturbing behavior, Lizzie finally reached her peak of psychotic behavior: She killed her little sister Mika!

To make matters even worse, Lizzie was about to kill Judith before Carol and Tyreese found out what a murderous little weirdo she really is. She was attempting to show Carol how lovely it can be living life as a walker. "Judith can change too," Lizzie suggested. And like a rabid old dog, Carol took Lizzie out to a field, told her to "look at the flowers," and then shot her in the head. Later, riddled with guilt and tired of keeping secrets from Tyreese, Carol admitted that she was the one who killed Karen. Tyresse, quietly and bravely forgave Carol, and the two of them along with baby Judith continued on their quest for Terminus. 

Once Upon a Time

ABC/Jack Rowand

Once Upon a Time: Looks like wicked behavior runs in Regina's family! Tonight we learned that Zelena, aka the Wicked Witch of the West is actually… (drumroll please!) Regina's sister! Well, half-sister. Zelena revealed that Cora gave her up as a baby, but decided to keep Regina and "gave her everything." Thus, sparking her green with envious rage that has consumed her body for her entire life.

Meanwhile, in present day Storybrooke, Zelena slipped away from the memory-challenged, fairytale residents and into a dark storm cellar. There was discovered that she has been keeping Rumplestiltskin as her prisoner, and he is very much alive. (Hooray for all the Rumbelle shippers out there!) When he told the WWW that she should have never brought him back, Zelena snapped, "Eat up—we have work to do." Dun dun duuun!


ABC/Danny Feld

Revenge: With the help of Aiden, Emily finally remembered all of the things that she did in her dangerous blackouts. What was his memory-reviving trick, you ask? He pretty much drowned her over and over and over again until everything clicked back into place. Jack decided to give his mother, Stevie, a chance and discovered that she alcoholic when she got pregnant with him, and that even though she's been sober for almost 20 years, she's stayed away because "The Hamptons are full of triggers." Emily believes that Stevie is the same woman from her father's diary who came to visit David in prison in 1997 claiming to be a lawyer.

Shameless: Here's a rundown of all the Gallagher Family craziness that happened on tonight's episode: Lip is now in a full-blown relationship with his roommate's girlfriend. (Umm, are they sharing her?) Carl has found a new lady who is basically a she-devil—aka a female Carl, and Debbie received some truly terrible advice on how to deal with an ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. (She put a snake in her car!) Fiona cannot find a job now that she is a convicted felon, Mickey has moved into the Gallagher house, and Frank is on the very brink of death. 

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