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Girls' third season ended with a bunch of bombshells, including a surprising pregnancy, a breakup and one of our girls leaving the city! Meanwhile, a sweet reunion went down on The Walking Dead and a steamy moment happened between a fan favorite Once Upon a Time pairing. Warning, spoilers on Sunday night's shows ahead!

The Walking Dead: They really did find love in a hopeless place! Of course, we are talking about Glenn and Maggie, who will most likely be voted the Zombie Apocalypse's hottest couple come prom time. How great was it to see those two finally reunited after a season apart?! Here's hoping they weren't brought back together just for one of them to die in next Sunday's season finale. But would you really put it past TWD to do that to us at this point? Terminus does seem a little too good to be true, no? 

Girls: So. Many. Major. Moves. Hannah got into Iowa, aka the best graduate program for creative writing. But it's in Iowa. And it's two years long. However, she may be ready for a chance after Adam broke up with her after his play's opening night, telling her she "ruined" it for him. Ouch!

And after Shoshanna learned she is three credits shy of graduating, her day got even worse when Marnie decided that was the best time to tell her that she slept with Ray. "I hate you!" Shosh screamed, before later begging Ray to get back together. He said no. She broke down. 

Marnie, however, wasn't too concerned, finally hooking up with Desi and promptly being chewed out by his girlfriend, who called her "a sad pathetic mess." But it seemed like Desi was ending it with Clementine, so maybe she'll be a sad pathetic mess with a boyfriend?

The surprise pregnancy? Adam's sister is expecting a baby with Laird, Hannah's neighbor and former conquest.


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Revenge: The press learned about Emily's fake pregnancy! Victoria publicly denounced Emily in public! Emily is forced to leave Grayson manor!

But fret not, Emily fans: she leaked the news to the media herself, getting the first family of evil right where she wants them: "I needed them to feel like they won." We bow down, Emily. We bow down. 

Once Upon a Time: "If it can be broken that means it still works." Five points for Team Hook and Emma! The duo shared quite the moment in tonight's episode, as Hook said those words (about Emma's heart) after asking her about Walsh' proposal and whether or not he (a flying monkey, natch) broke her heart. Can't those two just kiss (again) already?! In other non- steamy moments, the Wicked Witch stole Charming's courage, so remember to check the lock on yours before you go to bed tonight, OK? 

What did you watch on Sunday night? Sound off in the comments!

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