Jamie Dornan Hams It Up During Rain Scene in Fifty Shades of Grey—All the Details!

Northern Irish actor was spotted filming on Wednesday, Jan. 29 in Vancouver

By Jordana Ossad Jan 30, 2014 3:01 PMTags
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Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan may have been jogging in the cold wet temperatures in Vancouver, but the always handsome actor still managed to ham it up for the cameras.

The 31-year-old spent all of Wednesday, Jan. 29, filming jogging sequences—and oozing sex appeal in some sweatpants—at various locations for the racy flick, a source reveals to E! News.

The long day of shooting began by the ocean, where the actor sported his hoodie and Nike kicks, and the crew then moved to a nearby courtyard.

Always a gentleman, the former model greeted his fans and stopped to sign some autographs. 

The next spot for some more running (Christian Grey does really care about his fitness, after all) was in Gaf Town, but this particular scene was in the rain and Dornan was seen "hamming it up."


"He is aware of his charm and looks in the camera with the rain dripping all over him and closed his eyes, allowing himself to get caught up in the moment," the source explains. "He was definitely trying to make the scene sexy, shooting that part a few times when he got it on the first shot."

Ow, ow!

To say the new papa, who was very damp from said rain, got a serious workout would be an understatement. During a break from the action, Dornan told fans he was having fun in Vancouver but he was tired from all of the physical exertion throughout the day.

You can say that again.

But Dornan kept warm by enjoying a hot beverage, while chatting with director Sam Taylor-Johnson. He was also spotted playing with a dog on set, but it's unclear if it's the same pooch that his onscreen ladylove Dakota Johnson adores.

Dornan showed off his lighthearted side after someone—presumably a stylist or a production assistant—sprayed him with fresh water while he was already drenched. But always looking at the bright side of things, Dornan made a few jokes about it and laughed it off with several crew members. 

Johnson showed up for the night portion of filming and ran for two scenes. But lucky for 24-year-old actress, she didn't have to exercise in the misty conditions like her costar.

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—Reporting by Michelle Falls