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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Wednesday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

Arrow: Tonight was a HUGE night in Starling City so let's get straight to it: The Bronze Tiger Broke out of jail with a little help from a man named Milo Armitrage. So why did Mr. Milo break him free? There was an earthquake machine that the villain wanted his hands on, and he needed Tiger's help to get it. But in true, Arrow fashion, Oliver (with the help of his trusty new side-kick Roy!) destroyed the machine with an exploding arrow. Phew!

But that's not all, folks! When Tiger was placed back in jail, Amanda Waller arrived and recruited him for an unidentified group. (Hmm… could this be the start of the Suicide Squad?!) Back over to hulk–smash Roy, our mirakuru-filled fighter was having an extremely difficult time getting control over his violent urges, but one person was able to break through and help him focus: Oliver! That's right, crime-fighting fans, Roy was officially inducted into Team Arrow and now knows all of Oliver's deep dark secrets (Well, not all of them, but enough for now.) I twas pretty amazing watching Roy finally interact with Felicity and Diggle and we are thrilled that Team Arrow is now fuly complete... for now. 

And just before this crazy episode came to a close, we caught a glimpse of what seemed to be the Black Canary reaching out to her lushed out sister Laurel. Looks like someone flew back home! After all this time Laurel is about to dicover that her beloved sister is actually alive and we. can't. wait!

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American Horror Story: Coven: Tonight was the night, little witches. After an entire season of guessing, the newest supreme of the coven was finally revealed! Check out our recap of tonight's crazy quest of the Seven Wonders and find out which fan-favorite characters died!

American Idol: We're finally in the last week of auditions and it's time to take a look at those in Salt Lake City who were lucky enough to get their golden ticket to Hollywood. Although there were a handful of amazing singer's, we'd have to say that 16-year-old Kenzie Hall was all kind of impressive with her mind-blowing rendition of John Mayer's "Gonna Find Another You," In fact, Jennifer Lopez was so impressed that she told the young singer that she's got the "whole package." High praise coming from Miss J-Lo!


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Nashville Ladies and gentlemen, step aside—tonight Juliette was the Queen of Nashville. Yes, as much as it pains us to admit it, (and momentarily take the crown away from Queen Connie) Juliette needs props for her badass moment. When Jeff told Juliette that she needed to apologize and take the blame for absolutely everything in front of the entire Nashville community at a gala in her honor, our little starlet had a different plan tucked in between those pushed up boobs.

When Juliette took the stage to accept her award, the singer quickly made it clear that she wasn't apologizing for anything, and her speech was basically one, giant eff you to Jeff. As expected, Jeff dropped her from the label, but based on the praise and sweet moment Juliette had with Rayna, we have a feeling she'll be joining Highway 65 in the very near future.

As for she-who-whines a lot, we discovered that Scarlett had a difficult childhood and struggled with a mother who had a very addictive personality. She spent the episode working with Liam and everything was going fine until Scarlett got sleepy and Liam offered her a pill that was worth "like four cups of coffee." Ruh-roh! Is Scarlett going to develop a pill addiction? Only time will tell…

Revolution: All you need to know is that Bret Michaels was on tonight's episode of Revolution, and he guest starred as himself! We have no ideal how Bret Michaels made it into this crazy, messed up world but he was randomly there—guitar and all. 

In the last new episode before the Olympics invade NBC, there were two hot hookups: Connor and Charlie knocked boots and it was pretty so-so. But the H-O-T hot moment of the night belonged to Miles and Rachel. Oh yes, after 20 plus years of flirtations the couple finally did the deed and shippers everywhere went to bed happy.

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