Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart is on the move—but she isn't headed in Robert Pattinson's direction.

A source tells E! News that a report about Kristen's British ex inviting her to spend Christmas in London with him is "not true."

We're hearing that the former costars have not seen each other since spending a few hours together in October at Rob's rental home in Beverly Hills, after which the paparazzi saw the two attempting to caravan out of the gated community in separate cars. Upon noticing their snap-happy escort, however, Rob turned around and headed back for home, cutting the reunion short.

A source described the meet-up as "very platonic," saying the duo once endearingly known as Robsten mainly chatted about their dogs, Bear and Bernie, and otherwise caught up like pals.

As for today, Kristen was seen taking off today in a private jet from the L.A.-area Van Nuys Airport, destination unknown at this time. She wore all black on the tarmac, her curly tresses topped with her treasured "Mercenaries" trucker cap.

Meanwhile, Rob is in London, where he joined in the celebration last Thurdsay for best mate Tom Sturridge's 28th birthday. The intimate group of course included Sturridge's beautiful baby mama, Sienna Miller, as well, and the close trio all piled into the same car at the end of their evening on the town.

Rob was spotted having a beer in Soho over the weekend, keeping it casual in jeans, a white T-shirt and his leather jacket.

Robert Pattinson


Some things, he and Kristen will always have in common.

—Reporting by Baker Machado

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