You might say Channing Tatum's a Monday morning quarterback.

The Hollywood hunk couldn't resist posting a video of himself leaping through the air in slow-motion dressed as a college footballer while filming a scene for 22 Jumpstreet, his eagerly awaited sequel to last year's comedy hit, 21 Jump Street, based on the '80s TV series.

"I belieeeeve I can fly…#22 JumpStreet," Tatum wrote in the caption.

R. Kelly he's not.

But the Magic Mike star does reprise his role as Greg Jenko, the dim ex-jock turned police officer who reteams with his chubby partner Morton Schmidt, played by Jonah Hill—only instead of going undercover at a high school, the duo infiltrate a local college as freshmen in order to bust up a crime ring inside a fraternity.

Naturally, hijinks ensue as the old high school rivals relive their university days. But as Jenko joins the football team and Schmidt goes undercover in the bohemian art major scene, the pair's bromance begin to fray as they struggle to figure out whether they can have a more mature friendship.

When he's not tackling his latest big-screen case, the 33-year-old Tatum is basking in the glow of fatherhood as he and his actress-wife Jenna Dewan-Everly, look after 4-month-old daughter, Everly.

Tatum also recently completed work on the Wachowski siblings' latest sci-fi adventure, Jupiter Ascending, costarring Mila Kunis. He also voices the role of Superman in the forthcoming animated movie, The Lego Movie.

22 Jump Street, which costars Ice Cube, Amber Stevens and Wyatt (son of Kurt) Russell, hits theaters June 13, 2014.

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