Channing Tatum

Zoë Kravitz Sheds Light On "Complex" Heartbreak After Divorce From Karl Glusman

Zoë Kravitz, who recently finalized her divorce from Karl Glusman, said she's been working on a new album over the past few years that will explore her "love and loss."

October 1, 2021

Channing Tatum Jokes With Zoe Kravitz's Dad Lenny on Instagram

Channing Tatum praises Lenny Kravtiz on shirtless Instagram pic and jokes about a "Magic Mike" cameo, proving the actor is close with Zoe's family.

September 30, 2021

Here’s More Proof Channing Tatum Is Already Close With Zoë Kravitz’s Family

Amid romance rumors, Channing Tatum is once again singing the praises of Zoë Kravitz’s father, Lenny Kravitz. Find out why their latest exchange is raising eyebrows.

September 30, 2021

Channing Tatum Shares Sweet New Photos of “Moon Witch” Daughter Everly

Channing Tatum proved that for his 8-year-old daughter, Everly, all that’s needed for a little bit of fun is the glow from a full harvest moon. See the “moon witch” for yourself below.

September 21, 2021

Channing Tatum Shares 1st Pic With Zoe Kravitz Amid Romance Rumors

Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz pose together at Alicia Keys' 2021 Met Gala after-party. Are the two Instagram official? Watch for more!

September 16, 2021

Channing Tatum Shares First Photo With Zoë Kravitz Amid Romance Rumors

Is it Instagram official? Amid rumors of a budding romance between Channing Tatum shared his photo with Zoë Kravitz, the Magic Mike star posted a stunning shot of the duo on social media.

September 16, 2021

Channing Tatum Reveals Why His Met Gala Experience Exceeded His "Wildest Dreams"

Channing Tatum, who was spotted leaving the 2021 Met Gala with Zoë Kravitz, shared why the evening "was beyond my wildest dreams."

September 15, 2021

Met Gala 2021 After-Parties Fashion: Rihanna & More

Rihanna and her man A$AP Rocky changed for her after-party. Plus, Kim Kardashian reveals her face after covering her body head-to-toe for fashion's biggest event!

September 14, 2021


Inside Alicia Keys' Star-Studded Met Gala After-Party With Channing Tatum, Zoë Kravitz and More

While Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz walked the Met Gala red carpet separately, the duo cozied up inside Alicia Keys' after-party. Read all the star-studded details below.

September 14, 2021

Zoë Kravitz Shines in See-Through Gown as She and Channing Tatum Arrive Separately to Met Gala

It's no red carpet PDA, but Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz still gave fans heart eyes as they arrived to the 2021 Met Gala. Take a look at the actress' bold ensemble!

September 14, 2021

Zoë Kravitz Takes Veiled Dig at "Strangers on the Internet" Amid Channing Tatum Romance

Zoë Kravitz doesn’t want to “pretend” life is so great. Following her buzzy meetups with Channing Tatum last month, she shared a sarcastic message about how she presents herself online.

September 3, 2021


How Jenna Dewan Really Feels About Channing Tatum's Romance With Zoë Kravitz

"She wants the best for Channing," a source exclusively told E! News about Jenna Dewan's wishes for her ex-husband Channing Tatum as he cozies up to Zoë Kravitz.

August 25, 2021

Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz Enjoy a Bike Outing Together

The "Magic Mike" actor and "Big Little Lies" actress hang out on a casual afternoon bike ride around New York City.

August 22, 2021

Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz's Latest Joyful Bike Outing Will Make You Want to Third Wheel

Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz have once again sent the internet on fire with another cozy hangout in New York City. This time, the two engaged in a deep conversation that left the actress laughing.

August 22, 2021

Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz Are Just One of the Unexpected Couples to Come Out of 2021

Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz's new relationship is surprising, but how does it compare to these other couplings?

August 21, 2021

See the Photos of Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz's Cozy NYC Outing

There appears to be some magic in the air for Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum. Check out the pictures of the stars that are conjuring romance rumors.

August 20, 2021

Zoe Kravitz Holds Channing Tatum Close During NYC Outing

There appears to be some magic in the air for Zoe Kravitz & Channing Tatum! Get the details on how "their relationship has grown into more than just close friends."

August 20, 2021

Zoë Kravitz Holds Channing Tatum Close as They Ride Around NYC

Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum are sparking dating rumors once again after the pair were recently spotted getting cozy on a bike ride together in NYC.

August 19, 2021

See Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan in 2006: Live From E! Rewind

Step Up turns 15! Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan spill details on the iconic flick! What's your favorite dance sequence is from the film?

August 11, 2021

15 Surprising Secrets About Step Up Revealed

Fifteen years and a million lifetimes ago, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan met on the set of little film called Step Up, which went on to spawn five sequels, a TV series and one marriage.

August 11, 2021

Jenna Dewan Says Her Comments About Channing Tatum Have Been “Distorted”

Jenna Dewan explained that she wasn't "slamming my daughter's father" when she mentioned Channing Tatum during an interview. According to the star, "My words have been distorted for clicks."

August 3, 2021

Jenna Dewan Recalls Being "Without a Partner" After Birth of Daughter

The "Step Up" actress reflects on ex-husband Channing Tatum working and not being by her side after giving birth to their daughter Everly. Watch!

August 2, 2021