Amanda Bynes, Court

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Amanda Bynes' family knows the rumor mill has been churning—and, spurred on by a publicist who issued a statement to the media that misleadingly claimed to be on Bynes' behalf, they are looking to put the latest rumors to rest.

"Jonathan Jaxson does not represent the Bynes family or Amanda," the Byneses' attorney, Tamar Armanak, said in a statement to E! News Friday after Jaxson (who at one time earned the ire of Kim Kardashian's legal team) dished to Entertainment Tonight about the troubled actress.

"We are not sure why he is commenting on Amanda's health care or representing himself as a publicist hired by her family," Armanak continued. "Amanda's family continues to be devoted to their daughter's well being."

The attorney also debunked reports that Bynes had been photographed on the move from one medical facility to another. 

"Up until today, Amanda has been at Hillmont [Psychiatric Center in Ventura, Calif.] and not at UCLA Medical Center," Armanak stated. "The photographs of a woman in a blue wig exiting Hillmont for UCLA Medical Center two weeks ago were not of Amanda Bynes."

TMZ, which previously had Bynes being transferred earlier this month, reported this evening that Bynes was just taken to UCLA today.

Bynes, 27, was placed on a temporary psychiatric hold on July 22 after apparently setting a small fire in the driveway of a home near her parents' house. At her doctor's request, her hospitalization was extended on Aug. 8 for another 30 days and her mother, Lynn Bynes, was named conservator of her estate. The court named dad Rick Bynes an interested party.

A judge agreed that Bynes lacked the capacity to give "informed consent" regarding her treatment. Her parents had submitted a declaration to the court stating, "We are deeply concerned that Amanda poses a substantial risk to herself, to others and to property based on recent events in her life."

Jaxson, meanwhile, said in statement to ET that, "despite some reports, Amanda is improving daily and responding well. There is still a long road ahead, and that doesn't mean being confined to a locked-down treatment center. Amanda is in the best hands presently, medically, and each day her condition is being monitored. There is not a set release date, but with the great track she is on presently, she will be out of a lockdown facility and continuing to recover elsewhere in the near future. Her parents love her dearly and still are hoping to continue conservatorship after Sept. 30. Mental illness is a serious problem in America, and while many go untreated, Amanda is responding and cooperating with doctors and staff quite well."

Jaxson previously involved himself with Bynes when he tweeted about NYPD officers supposedly being at her apartment back in May (they weren't, police sources told E! News) and Jenny McCarthy started to repost his tweets, prompting Bynes to lash out at her.

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