Justin Timberlake

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We all have our favorite Justin Timberlake moment.

Maybe it's his singing on the ubiquitous earworm "SexyBack," or his new, racy "Tunnel Vision" stylings. Or maybe it's his dancing during the notorious Super Bowl halftime show complete with dance partner Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. Or maybe it was his convincing portrayal of Napster founder Sean Parker in The Social Network. Or maybe your favorite role for J.T. is as crack-up comedian on SNL.

Regardless of which role you love most, you can't deny Justin is everywhere these days.

How We Met Him to Where He Is Now:
From his early ‘90s beginnings as a kid entertainer on Star Search and the Mickey Mouse Club—where castmates famously included future love and ex-love Britney Spears—Justin's career took off in zillions of directions.

Now, he can be described as an actor, singer, songwriter, businessman, philanthropist, environmental activist—and family man too, having married longtime love Jessica Biel late last year in Italy.

His Music Career:
You know him, of course, for his music, beginning with 'N Sync in his early days, and progressing to hits like "Cry Me a River," to "SexyBack," and eventually to "Suit & Tie" with Jay-Z, which came out just this year after the star returned from a hiatus to focus on his acting.

Other massive hits include "Like I Love You" in 2002, "Señorita" and "Rock Your Body" in 2003, "What Goes Around...Comes Around" in 2006 and "Until the End of Time" with Beyoncé in 2008.

His Acting Roles:
His time on the big screnn includes movie roles like Bad Teacher, Friends with Benefits and The Social Network.

And it also includes tons of TV that immediately seemed destined for virality: Remember that wildly LOL-worthy "D--k in the Box" music video with Andy Samberg on SNL? Well, it's now one of the most-viewed vids on YouTube. (Try not to crack up just thinking about it.)

Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy:
And that's not all. The businessman J.T. is no schlub either, with restaurant involvement across the U.S., his own brand of tequila called 901 (for the area code of his home town, Memphis), and the William Rast clothing line in partnership with his childhood friend Juan Ayala. Plus, he's an investor in the new Myspace, which recently relaunched.

Not just a supporter of environmentally friendly pursuits, Justin is widely known as a philanthropist and humanitarian as well, including through past involvements with the Shriners Hospital for Children's golf tournament in Las Vegas and his own Justin Timberlake Foundation.

Why He's an Innovator:
All told, we'd say J.T. does more than his share to entertain us, inspire us and encourage us to dream bigger. (Did we mention he's crazy easy on the eyes too?) So for all that, he belongs squarely in our elite group of pop innovators.

Kudos to the star on all of his accomplishments—what goes around comes around, right, J.T.?

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