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Jack-of-all-trades James Franco has kindly provided us with another movie review. His latest victim? Man of Steel.

But instead of critiquing the new Superman flick, the Spring Breakers star, in a new piece for Vice, slams the The Amazing Spider-Man not for its cinematography or acting quality, but because he believes the reboot was made too quickly "even before there was time to bury the corpse of the old one."

And here we thought he was focusing on his Indiegogo campaign.

Franco begins by reminding us that he, too, acted in a comic-book film, the Spider-Man trilogy directed by Sam Raimi, and says young children still approach him as "fans of the original."

"I don't really feel much distress over its being remade, for many reasons," Franco writes. "But what is interesting to me is that it has been remade so quickly—and the reasons why. The answer is, of course, money."

He continues, "We are in the film business, and the studios are owned by large corporations who want to make money. And in this art form, where so much is spent and so much profit can be made, one criterion for success is inevitably the financial. And when movies become so big that they can make $200 million in one weekend like The Avengers did, everyone from studios to filmmakers are going to want to get in on making comic-book movies."

After slamming the Spider-Man remake, Franco praises Man of Steel which he calls "a great film."

"One of the main reasons I liked it was because in this film, Superman's S symbol stands for 'hope' on the planet Krypton," he writes.

He also comments on star Henry Cavill's obsession with Superman after the pair worked together on Tristan and Isolde.

"What Henry took seriously back then was Superman. He wanted to be Superman more than anything in the world...The night of the premiere I saw Henry from afar on the red carpet and knew this was the moment his whole life had been building toward. His dream had come true, and I was happy for him," he recalls.

Whatever you say, James.

What do you think of the actor's review? Tell us in the comments!

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