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There's no doubt that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has come a long way since her days of rocking risqué mini-dresses and her signature hair poof on the Jersey Shore.

And given her the fact that she's a new mother and gained a svelte new frame thanks to dropping a whopping 42 pounds, it makes total sense that her style has evolved.

But when we recently caught up with the petite star to discuss her style transformation, she made sure to let us know that she's remaining true to who she is, despite a few fashionable tweaks.

"Well, I would say my style has definitely changed," Snooki told us. "I don't wear short dresses anymore and I'm definitely not into high fashion. I'm still shopping at the same places. I just don't wear club clothes anymore. I'm more of, like, chic one day, and then gangster the next day, and then bohemian, so I try and do all the looks. I don't really have a style but, I mean, it's not high fashion."

How's that for honesty?

And though she admits she's not coutur- crazed, that doesn't mean she won't glam it up every now and then, like she did for her recent Annex photo shoot, which had her posing in one gorgeous gown after another.

"It's actually a different shoot than I've ever really done before," she told us about her upcoming magazine spread. "It's, like, these gorgeous gowns. I actually wore one of the gowns from my clothing line, so hopefully that will be in there too. It was just a very different shoot from what I've done. I actually loved it. I was obsessed with the whole concept and look and everything. It made me look different, but, like, a pretty different."

Pretty, indeed! You can see more of the Snooki's stylish spread in the upcoming issue of Annex, which hits stands on June 12. 

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