Nicole Snooki Polizzi, Today Show


Snooki is looking—and feeling—really good these days.

The Jersey Shore star stopped by the Today Show Tuesday to talk with Matt Lauer about how she's lost 42 pounds since giving birth to baby Lorenzo in August.

"I feel great," the 25-year-old reality star (real name: Nicole Polizzi) said. "A little bit tired from the baby, but overall I feel awesome."

When Lauer said he expects that the new mom will get "as much attention about this weight loss as anything you've done in the last several years,' Snooki piped in, squealing, "I hope so!"

"The first 20 [pounds] came [off] from just breastfeeding, so that was awesome," she explained. "But then I had to wait until I could work out, which was six weeks, and then I just went straight to the gym. I work with a trainer, one of my good friends Anthony, so he basically just kicked my butt into shape and he gave me these express meals which [don't] have a lot of calories."

In fact, Snooki cut down to 1300 calories a day, none of which were spent on alcohol. "It's hard to drink while taking care of a baby, so I don't drink at all, really," she said. "And when I do drink, I get drunk off of like three sips, so it's actually good.

"I knew I couldn't party anymore, because now I'm a parent; I have to take care of someone else," she added. "So the partying's done, basically…But it was more about getting in shape and being a fit mom."

And while Snooki feels really "good" about her svelte new figure, she still wants to "fix" her boobs after she's "done having kids."  She explained simply, "When you have babies, they just flap everywhere!"

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