While you may think you need access to a fancy gym to get a rockin' body like Britney Spears,' her trainer Tony Martinez reveals he got the singer in shape with moves that didn't require a pricey membership.

"She was used to weights and running or cardio," Martinez told E! News. "She is old-school and would do cardio for an hour. So I said, let's do something different for twenty or thirty minutes instead. And she was huffing and puffing and she is just having fun."

Part of that fun came from Martinez—who also has a line of fitness products, Travel Fit and Office Fit—creating moves that incorporated some of Spears' fave childhood sports in unconventional ways. The former gymnast absolutely loved the cartwheel squat, which calls for—you guessed it!—a cartwheel that's immediately followed by a squat, as well as the reverse basketball lunge, which required the one-time b-ball player (who knew?!) to dribble a ball while logging in the legwork.

"One of the things about her that stands out is she doesn't have it in her head that she wants to be thin. Normally they have to be x, y, z and want to weigh 100 pounds," he told us.

"She just wants to be healthy and that is really good. She doesn't want a stick figure. She likes her athletic body. She is absolutely a role model. I think she is happy how she looks and feels good and she likes a different change of workouts for herself. She feels good about her body," Martinez added.

"The hardest thing for her to do was go backwards, but she said, ‘I'm sweating more walking backwards than running and I like this,'" Martinez explained.

Sure, it's sounds a bit odd, but if it can get us the killer physique Brit has recently been flaunting, we're willing to try it!

Watch the video to see Martinez demonstrate the barrel roll knee tuck (Brit's favorite!), reverse basketball lunge and three other body-toning moves Spears was a fan of. And for more info, check out http://www.trainertonymartinez.com.

(Originially published Friday, May 31, 2013 at 4:25 p.m. PT)

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