Britney Spears, Tony Martinez

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Britney Spears is back, y'all, and looking better than ever!

The superstar entertainer is gearing up for her upcoming tour and tapped trainer Tony Martinez—who has an athletic training book coming out this year and product line, including his Travel Fit and Office Fit, coming out this summer—to whip her body into tip-top shape ahead of her Shape magazine cover

Wondering what kind of hard work and dedication went into this impressive celeb body transformation?

Martinez gave us the inside scoop:

"I like to incorporate sports like baseball or basketball into my workouts," he explained of their regular sweat sessions, which occured three to four times a week for almost four months. "The idea is work out smarter not harder."

But it's not just about sweating, it's also about having a good time. "I like to have fun and light humor and have you laughing the whole time," Martinez told us. "We will get your work done but I want you to have fun."

As for Britney's athleticism, Martinez had nothing but glowing praise. "She is a tremendous athlete. She likes to be very strong and aggressive in her workouts. I kept telling her to stop making it look too easy. It was like a competition with us!"

And for extra motivation, Martinez tells us that Britney's doting beau, David Lucado, would stop by occasionally to offer moral support for his sweetie.


And while the star clearly fluorished under the fitness expert's direction, she definitely had to tweak her diet to get the results she wanted.

Martinez told us that he had the star eat five times a day, and spilled that she enjoyed chicken salad with balsamic dressing. Yum!  

"She always had a positive attitude. She did lose weight and she has a lot more muscle. She lost a lot of body fat," he told us. 

Tony, it looks like your plan is totally working! 

(For more details on Britney's fitness routine with Tony Martinez, check out

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