Thor Dark World, Chris Hemsworth


By the hammer of..., well, you know.

Marvel has released new photos from the upcoming Thor sequel, Thor: The Dark World, and Chris Hemsworth is back in action as he reprises his role from the 2011 hit alongside Natalie Portman and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Plus, E! News got some sexy scoop about Hemsworth from one of the film's stars....

Thor Dark World, Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins


Thor co-star Jaime Alexander gushed about Hemsworth to E! News last night at the premiere of Iron Man 3.

"Hemsworth is hot!" she said. "I mean, a girl's gotta fan herself a little bit. And what makes it even better is his wife Elsa [Pataky]. She's a fantastic woman. You think, 'Can a couple get any hotter?'"

Nope, we don't think so.

Thor Dark World, Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth


The film's first official trailer was released on Tuesday and shows the hammer-wielding hero embarking on his most life-threatening journey yet.

The film follows Hemsworth gearing up to battle his latest nemesis, the Dark Elves, who are trying their luck at wreaking havoc in the Nine Realms.

The highly-anticipated sequel is slated to conquer theaters on Nov. 8.

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