This is 40, Megan Fox, Leslie Mann

Megan Fox is showcasing a new side of herself in This Is 40: her funny side. And that's all you're going to see, thank you very much.

In Judd Apatow's "sort of sequel" to Knocked Up, Fox plays Desi, an employee of Leslie Mann whose outfits alternate between a bra and panties and a bikini. But, Megan insisted at the premiere of the movie this week, that's as far as she'll go for the sake of a punch line.

"I would never be naked," Megan revealed to us when asked how far she'd go for a laugh, confirming the new mom will stay away from "overly sexual" roles. Guess she's not taking cues from her perennially nude costar Jason Segel, then!

As for her first venture into improv comedy, Megan told us, "[Leslie]'s so friendly and everyone's so nice that it just sort of happened. It wasn't that scary and we're all sort making fools of ourselves along the way so there's nothing to be terrified about."

And if you didn't know Megan Fox was funny before, you will soon. Her costars will say as much: "She was super funny," costar Charlyne Yi (who reprises her Knocked Up role) promised us. "We auditioned together, and we were trying to one-up each other. It was uncomfortable because you don't want to hurt each other, but you have to do a good job. We left and we didn't know how we did. We were like, 'Well, we probably didn't get hired.' We said goodbye."

They obviously did get the gig, and the two spend much of their screentime catfighting. "It was fun!" Yi laughed. "It's fun to be fake mean to each other."

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