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It's finally here! 

After four years, four flicks, one large cheating scandal and a very Robsten romance, the final Twilight flick, Breaking Dawn Part 2, hits theaters at midnight! 

We can hardly believe it's time to say goodbye to our beloved Bella and Edward, the abtastic Jacob Black and entire wolf pack. And we might even miss the evil Volturi as we bid farewell to the mega franchise. 

But before we shed a Twi-hard tear, there's still one last flick to be seen (some initial reviews even say it's the best Twi-flick yet!), so it only seems fitting to have one last sneak peek as we soak in the sparkly vamps for the very last time. 

From Bella's first hunt to Taylor Lautner's striptease to a seriously epic battle scene, there are still plenty of BD2 moments to look forward to. 

So dry your fangtastic tears and make a bloody cocktail: Here are the top Part 2 moments we can't wait to see! 

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

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1. Vampire sex: Remember how the first three flick's were basically just three years of foreplay leading up to the epic sex scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1?!  Well Robsten lovers, you're in luck because Part 2 is just as packed with vampire sex and this time it's even better. "Sex was our big problem in the last movie in terms of the ratings board," director Bill Condon told us at the BD Part 2 premiere, while adding that he tried to make the steamy scenes in Part 2 "suggest a merging of their [Bella and Edward's] souls." Even K.Stew admitted that Condon wanted to make viewers feel like "you're very much inside of the experience." To which we say: Bring on the vamp-on-vamp action! 

Kellan Lutz, Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Part 2

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2. Bella and Emmett arm wrestle: We thought we had our fix of Kellan Lutz' bulging biceps after he flashed his super human strength by carrying a gigantic log in Breaking Dawn Part 1. But turns out, Emmett Cullen still has more magic of up his massive sleeves, and the hunky member of the Cullen clan is caught in an arm wrestling contest his sister-in-law in Part 2. We can't help but zero in on Kellan's hulking bicep that's bigger than Bella's face, and it's the perfect way to say goodbye to Emmett's vamptastic bangin' bod. Swoon

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Part 2

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3. Bella's first hunt: We were giddy with vampire glee when Bella found her fangs in Part 1, and now we finally get to see the Twilight babe hunt on the big screen in Part 2. The bloodthirsty star makes one badass vamp as she embraces her animalistic instincts and even takes down a mountain lion. "I think the first hunt [will excite fans], being able to physically [play that]," Kristen said of her transformation. "It's like breaking a car in. I think it's going to be so cool. I think people are going to dig it." 

Taylor Lautner, Breaking Dawn Part 2

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4. Taylor Lautner's striptease: What could be better than Taylor's six-pack surprise in New Moon? The answer is Jacob Black's striptease in BD Part 2. In the scene, the wild werewolf reveals his shapeshifting secret to Charlie Swan, and proceeds to strip down in front of Bella's dear old dad to really get his point across. "It was awkward for both of us, I'm not going to lie," Taylor's scene partner, Billy Burke, admits. "Some of those moments you just have to go, 'OK. Here we are. And there you are, almost naked. Here I am in front of you.'" Hey, it might be weird for Burke, but we don't find anything uncomfortable about watch Taylor nearly naked. Agreed? 

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

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5. The most epic battle scene ever: If you thought the attack of the baby vamps in Eclipse was intense, then prepare yourself, because Breaking Dawn Part 2 has the most epic Twilight battle in the entire saga. There's blood, there's gore and there's loads of vampy violence in the supernatural showdown, as the final flick contains an all-out battle that's not in Stephenie Meyer's original story. "Even though it's not technically in the book, it felt organically where the story needed to go," Elizabeth Reeser said of the epic ending. "And I think Bill Condon directed it so beautifully that even as an audience member knowing what was going to happen, I was completely flipped out in a great way." Trust us—you will not be disappointed. 

Are you off to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 tonight? Tell us in the comments! 

See all the stars on the carpet at the Breaking Dawn premiere!

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