Kristin Cavallari

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Kristin Cavallari is definitely staying away from the treats this Halloween.

The former Hills star talked to E! News while in New York City today to host the Bing It On Halloween Costume Challenge and gave us the skinny on how she got back in shape so quickly after giving birth to son Camden two months ago.

She also filled us in on her wedding plans wth NFL star fiancé Jay Cutler.

Regarding the nuptials, the 25-year-old Cavallari told E! News the couple have not set a wedding date, but it's definitely on their mind.

"At first I was thinking a big wedding, and now I think we want it smaller and just close friends and family. I say that now, but it might change," she said. "I mean, I've definitely thought about everything but we haven't put wheels in motion. Like I know what colors I want, I think we know where we're going to get married but we don't have a date."

Cavallari added the duo might wait to have another baby first before getting hitched.

"Everything's just sort of up in the air and our world is just based on Camden right now. So it depends on how that goes," she noted.

The erstwhile MTV personality also spilled some of her secrets for taking that baby weight off.

"Breastfeeding burns 500 calories a day and I read somewhere that it's like running six miles a day. So I'd say if you can, stick with breastfeeding," she revealed. "I'm a healthy eater in general.  And I stayed that way during my pregnancy. I didn't gain more than I was supposed to and I just have a healthy lifestyle, so that helps."

When asked what she thought of former Laguna Beach arch-rival Lauren Conrad praising her recently for taking the weight off, Kristin replied "That was nice."

Kristin opened up about the joys of motherhood as well.

"It's amazing. Especially now it's getting so much fun because Camden's smiling now and he's laughing and making all kinds of noises. So it's really everyday something new, so it's awesome right now," she said.

As for what they'll be doing for Halloween, Kristin said she and Jay have no Halloween plans and she won't be dressing up, but they will celebrate with Camden by decking him out in his first costume.

"No, we're dressing him up as a lion, yeah. It might be a little big on him, but we are," Cavallari said.

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