Magic Mike, Channing Tatum

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Sounds like Channing Tatum is the right person to direct the sequel to Magic Mike.

"Channing has clearly proven he can do anything he wants," Magic costar Cody Horn told me last night at the premiere of her new flick, End of Watch.

The cast and crew already had a taste of what Tatum would be as the big boss when they filmed the male stripper extravaganza.

"He was a producer so in terms of leading the set, he could do it," said Horn, who played Tatum's love interest in the movie. "He creates and sets the tone every day and he did an amazing job. It was a fun and peaceful and professional and open place to work."

And no, Horn doesn't know if she'd be back—especially if the follow-up is a prequel as some reports have suggested.

"I have no idea what the plan is but I know that those days on set were some of most fun days I've had," she said. "So any chance to be around those guys again would be amazing."

Tatum revealed to Vulture this weekend that he and his producing partner Reid Carolin are thinking about directing the sequel together.

"It's too good of a movie, and the characters are so crazy, that we want to go for it," he said. "We feel like we did the little indie version this last time, and for the next one, we want to up the stakes a little, maybe go even farther."

Now we want to hear from you. Excited about a Magic Mike sequel? Sound off below.

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