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Prepare yourself for an onslaught of acronyms: Some of Hollywood's hottest A-Listers headed down to Comic-Con and delivered tons of LOL-worthy, OMG-inducing and occasionally NSFW sound bites.

So which Breaking Dawn Part 2 costar was Kristen Stewart cussing out? Does Mila Kunis really think she's boring? And what kind of trouble are reformed bad boys Colin Farrell and Robert Downey Jr. causing now?!

Pictures may speak a thousand words, but we far prefer these delicious quotes from this week's festivities: 

1. Kristen Stewart Shuts Up R.Pattz! While we certainly giggled when K.Stew revealed that her first impression of Robert Pattinson was she "liked his pants," it was when conversation turned to the blush-inducing sex scenes in the next Twilight installment that Kristen started delivering hilarious bites like "Go away Mackenzie!" (Foye, her child costar) and our favorite, when pressed by Rob to get to the point, "Shut the f--k up!" 

2. Mila Kunis Trashes the Tabloids! When one fearless reporter—who clearly didn't get the memo that Mila has no problem schooling reporters during press conferences—asked the Ted star how much of what's written about her is "fantasy" (like, say, the rumors that she's dating Ashton Kutcher), Mila didn't hesitate to say, "A lot. I have a very exciting personal life in the public's eye!"

3. Colin Farrell Gets No Love from The Governator! Where to begin?! There was Jessica Biel's impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger (just keep saying "area rug"), Kate Beckinsale's cry of "that wasn't pink eye, it was herpes!" and Brian Cranston's promise that "anyone who shows up with an implanted third breast, gets into the movie for free." But Colin won us over, shedding faux tears over the original Total Recall star: "He doesn't write, he doesn't call…His phone just keeps ringing, it doesn't even go to voicemail."

4. Jamie Foxx's Not-So-Hot Reviews! While promoting Django Unchained, Jamie was asked about working with eccentric director Quentin Tarantino, resulting in a conversation where he let slip some of the past, uh, "notes" directors have given him. "I worked with Oliver Stone, who said ‘You're just not good at all, are you? You're not a good actor at all?'...And then Taylor Hackford, who on Ray was like ‘If you eff this movie up, I'm going to eff you up.'"

5. Iron Man Hits Rock Bottom! Tony Stark might share his sharp wit and swoon-worthy good looks with real-life counterpart, Downey, but they might share one more similarity soon. Well, at least if Robert has anything to say about it. "Tony won't fall off the wagon," director Shane Black said while promoting Iron Man 3. To which Downey (a rehab alumni himself) quipped, "You haven't seen my rewrites. Rhodey picks him up from Betty Ford, scene two."

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