Twilight Sequels? Robert Pattinson: "I Pity the Person Who Takes Over My Part!"

Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Stephenie Meyer promote Breaking Dawn at Comic-Con

By John Boone Jul 12, 2012 9:03 PMTags
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They came, they saw and, once again, the Twilight gang conquered Comic-Con (and looked dang good while doing it).

And while Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner riled up their usual amount of fan devotion (which includes people camping out for days, screaming their brains out and sobbing over their beloved Edward Cullen), what would happen if someone else were to step into their vampire shoes?

Yep, we're talking reboot. "I think it'd be amazing," Rob revealed. So what does he envision for the future of the franchise (here's a hint: call up Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)? And what does K.Stew think of it all?

"I pity the person who takes over my part," Rob continued with a laugh. "I would make a campaign against them!"

On the other hand, Kristen thinks what's done should be done (at least as far as sequels are concerned): "What's great about this because you just have a faith it's done. You're like, 'Aw great. They can have it now.'...Please leave them alone! They've figured it out, leave them. And I think that by the end of the movie it's so abundantly satisfying and sweet and ideal. It just feels good."

So no Breaking Dawn Part 3 for Kristen, but a reboot with a whole new cast and crew aboard?

"I would be open to the idea," she told us. "I'd be really curious to see what it was."

"I think it would be really interesting in like, 20 years—20 years, that's good?" creator Stephenie Meyer chimed in. "But I do pity the person who tries to step into these roles because that's going to be really hard and not go over that well, I imagine. This is what is loved. It wouldn't be the same. It would be interesting, but it'd be so hard."

At this point, Rob turned talk back to a sequel, asking Stephenie, "What would you write if there was another one?

"Um, Bella's story is definitely told," Stephenie explained. "Back in the day when I was never going to stop writing about vampires, there was a reason why this young lady was created."

The young lady in question would be Bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee, played by Mackenzie Foy. But sorry, kiddo, because R.Pattz has another idea, which sparked this beauty of a conversation:

Rob: "What do you think about Edward and Bella get divorced and it becomes a kind of Mr. & Mrs. Smith thing?"

Stephenie: "Who comes out of that alive?"

Rob: "That's the whole thing neither of them can die!"

Kristen "I could totally rip your head off."

And that wasn't all the fun that was had during today's Breaking Dawn Part 2 press conference. So here's the quick rundown:

Sex and the City of Forks: "The ratings, man," Kristen began when asked about any impending BDP2 sex scenes. "It's a tricky thing. How do you…uh…" She stumbled, "Mackenzie, go away! Because we're supposed to have mind boggling…sex in Breaking Dawn 1 and—ah! This is weird! We tried to keep the first one sweet…nothing about this series is raunchy. But, um…" she trailed off as Rob leaned in "Get to the point, Kristen."

"Shut the f--k up!" She quipped back, reminding Stephenie that she'd have to put some money into Mackenzie's swear jar. "It's fine! I'll just open a hospital!" Kristen continued. "But in the second one we just wanted to be animals. We're not humans anymore and we tried and they told us it was rated R. So yeah, that was that."

Vampire Mentality: Kristen talked extensively about how much she loved being able to slip into vamp mode (saying that her first undead hunting scene remains one of her all time favorites). There was one issue she had though: Her tone of voice! "Hey, uh, Steph…how am I going to sound like wind chimes, you jerk! That's impossible," K.Stew joked about the author's words.

First Impressions Matter: When asked what her first impressions of her cast mates were way back when they first met on Twilight, Kristen turned to Rob and simply said "I liked his pants."

Alls Well That Ends Well: While K.Stew revealed she would be "so happy" that she'd "start vibrating" if she were called in to do reshoots on the series tomorrow, she says that the end of the final movie is more than touching: "I've seen it four times and I've cried every time," she gushed. I'm sure we all will too!

Check back for more scoop straight from the Hall H Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel later today!