Joseph Baena Channels Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger After Showcasing Bodybuilding Progress

Joseph Baena recently displayed his very toned upper body in a new Instagram video, where he looked like dad Arnold Schwarzenegger at the height of his bodybuilding career in the 1970s.

By Alyssa Morin Nov 07, 2023 8:24 PMTags
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Joseph Baena is following in his father's fitness footsteps.

The son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baena recently shared an update on his fitness progressshowcasing his bodybuilding muscles in a Nov. 6 Instagram video.

In one part of the clip, Joseph modeled his extremely toned upper body by striking several poses that displayed all of his hard work in the gym. From stretching his back muscles to closing his arms like the Hulk, the 26-year-old looked like the spitting image of his father in the 1970s—the height of Arnold's bodybuilding career.

Joseph captioned his post, "Competing with myself to be better everyday!"

Of course, the fitness guru's fans couldn't help but notice the similarities between him and his father. One person wrote in the comments section, "We gonna have another Terminator soon," while someone else added, "Got them good genes."

However, one Instagram user praised Joseph's dedication, noting, "Good genes aren't all it takes people. This is hard work and consistency."

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Big Movies

Despite being compared to the Conan actor, Joseph recently opened up why it's important for him to pave his own path.

"I think with anyone that's had a high-succeeding parent, it's just going to be difficult," he exclusively told E! News in April. "People always say, 'You only got that because of your parents.' It's hard, but know within yourself that if you're putting in the work and you're actually doing it, then none of that should matter."

Joseph Baena / Instagram / Jack Mitchell/Getty Images

Joseph admitted that being judged has felt heavy at times.

As he put it, "It was really bothering me that anytime I would get any kind of role or press or I would post a physique picture on Instagram, I would always get comments of, 'You're only there because of your dad.'"

Joseph Baena / Instagram

Now, Joseph has found the strength within himself to block out all of the noise.

"I look up to him so much, he's one of my greatest inspirations," Joseph said of Arnold. "But I love figuring things out on my own. And, thankfully, I am mentally strong enough to not let the scrutiny get to me."

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