Joseph Baena Shares Rare Look Inside His Relationship With Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger

In a new podcast interview, Joseph Baena also shared what it's like to introduce a girlfriend to his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger. "He always wants to hear about the drama," Joseph said.

By Mike Vulpo Jan 19, 2022 6:32 PMTags

Introducing your girlfriend to the Terminator is easier than it sounds.

For 24-year-old Joseph Baena, having Arnold Schwarzenegger as a dad has some pretty impressive perks like priceless career advice and award-winning fitness tips.

During the Jan. 17 episode of the Unwaxed podcast, Joseph was asked to share what it's really like to introduce a girlfriend to a dad like Arnold. As it turns out, the former Governor of California is more than welcoming.

"I've only introduced three girls to [him]. It was fine," Joseph told co-hosts Sistine Stallone and Sophia Stallone. "I also have to point out that with my relationship with my dad, it took a little while for me and him to get really close and just joke around with him and talk about anything."

He continued, "I grew up with my mom and I was just always nervous. And I didn't want him to think badly of me to be like, ‘Oh, what the heck is this guy doing? Like partying all the time.'"

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Joseph's mother is Mildred Baena, Arnold's former housekeeper, with whom he had an affair while married to ex-wife Maria Shriver. In 2011, the actor admitted to fathering Joseph in a statement released to the public. 


These days, the father-son duo is closer than ever with Arnold always curious to hear about the latest and greatest adventures in Joseph's life. 

"I'm so close to my dad and we joke about everything," Joseph said. "He always wants to hear about the drama. He's like, ‘Tell me everything! Tell me the drama. Tell me about these girls.'"

The young actor continued, "Introducing the girls to him has been great because he's outgoing. He's so casual with it. Whenever I've brought a girl over for dinner or something, we've always dressed not like super nice, but just dressed up a little and he's in his sweats. He's like, ‘What are you guys dressed up for?'"

And while he has plenty of respect for his father, Joseph has no regrets about choosing not to use his dad's last name.

"I'm doing my own thing," he said. "I'm already doing so much and I'm already succeeding and moving forward with my goal so that's the last thing on my on my mind right now."