The Bachelor Alums Matt James & Rachael Kirkconnell Share Their Valentine’s Day Gift Picks

If you're a last minute shopper, let The Bachelor alums Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell pick your Valentine's Day gifts from Amazon.

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We interviewed Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell because we think you'll like their picks at these prices. Matt and Rachael are paid spokespeople for the Amazon Influencer Program. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

If you are a last minute shopper, in a panic with Valentine's Day coming up, please stop worrying. If this week is just too busy for you to come up with thoughtful gift ideas and you have an Amazon account, let The Bachelor alums Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell narrow down your choices.

The couple recently went on Amazon Live to share their Valentine's Day gift ideas and they talked with E! News about their Valentine's Day plans, their strategy for picking out gifts, last minute shopping, and all things Amazon.

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E!: What do you love about shopping at Amazon?
RK: They have everything you need and they keep adding more brands. Every day I am amazed by the brands that Amazon carries. I didn't realize they had Michael Kors, New Balance, Doc Martens, and Coach. There are so many good brands on there. They have very quick shipping, which is great for last-minute gift-givers too. There's really something for everyone. We showed stuff for fashion, electronics, and home stuff. No matter who you're shopping for, you can find a good gift on there or find something great for yourself.

MJ: There are not a lot of places where you can shop for everyone in your life. With Amazon, it's easy to include everybody. If it's that easy for us, then it's like it's going to be easy for everyone. I've been a Prime member forever. It's the best. I've just gotten used to getting things practically instantly thanks to Amazon. And, as Rachael said, it's the perfect place for last-minute shoppers.

E!: What are some items you shop from Amazon on repeat?
RK: I buy a lot of my skincare and makeup there. My favorite sunscreen that I use every single day is something I cannot run out of. I literally use it every single day. It's so nice to know that I can just get it in a day or two. I rely on Amazon for hair products, body products, nail stuff, and kitchen items. And, of course, there are those household things that you just buy on a regular basis, like paper towels. Just ordering those from Amazon is the easiest way to go.

I buy a lot of repeat items, but Amazon is a place that really gets me to try new products. I get sucked into reading the reviews and the automated recommendations are always on point. I am more likely to try new items on Amazon than anywhere else because  I will get it in a day or two. That "Buy Now" button can be dangerous sometimes. I also like the instant gratification of being able to try all of these products I learned about on TikTok.

EltaMD UV Daily Face Sunscreen Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid, Broad Spectrum SPF 40, Non greasy, Sheer Zinc Oxide Lotion, Mineral-Based UVA, UVB Sun Protection

"It's so good. I absolutely love this sunscreen and I have super sensitive skin. It's the one sunscreen my skin will take happily. I honestly get scared to try a lot of skincare products because of how my skin might react. I have been using this one for so long now because it's the only one my skin seems to like. It is my absolute favorite. I love how it's tinted to give you a bit of a nice glow too," Rachael said.

Rachael isn't the only one who loves this. It has 10,400+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

E!: There are many approaches to take with gift-giving. Are you more sentimental or practical? Does that differ from what you prefer as the person receiving gifts?
MJ: For me, I try to go practical. I got Rachael an iPhone for Christmas. Is that the most thoughtful gift? Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it. It's something she needed and gets a lot of use out of. What would she do with a giant teddy bear that's gonna sit in the closet, which we would end up donating anyway? With an iPhone, she uses it for fun and for work purposes too. We just recorded an Amazon Live with her iPhone.

RK: I would say I try to be practical and sentimental. I do what I can to strike that balance. I try to be thoughtful. I got Matt a bike speaker from Amazon because we're always on our bikes. I wanted us to have music to listen to when we ride around. It's fulfilling a practical purpose of wanting music, but it's also a little sentimental because it involves us spending time together and enjoying those memories with the music. Personally, I love giving gifts. I love thinking of the perfect gift for somebody, putting in that thought, and then having this excitement of hoping that they like it.

E!: Do you have Valentine's Day plans yet? If you don't have specific plans locked down quite yet, what vibe are you going for? Do you prefer dressing up? Or something more low-key?
RK: We prefer low key. We definitely love staying in, putting on some Disney+, and having some good takeout. Don't get me wrong, we both love going out to eat, but the perfect night for us is definitely staying in and just spending quality time with each other. We are both always running around doing something and it's nice to slow down and just get time with each other.

Keep on scrolling to see Matt and Rachael's Valentine's Day gift picks.

Butaby Rectangle Sunglasses for Women- Set of 2

Rachael said, "First off, these are super affordable, but I will also say that the quality is good. Sunglasses like this are my favorite because they don't have that little nose thing that gets caught in your hair. Do you guys know what I'm talking about?"

Matt added, "I love these. I typically take Rachael's glasse anyway. We share glasses. She just honestly started getting duplicate pairs because I love them."

Rachael elaborated, "I love the shape. I love how they feel on your face. They're very affordable, so these are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one."

You get two with each purchase and there are many color combinations to choose from. This set has 10,800+ 5-star reviews from happy shoppers. These are among the most-popular, top-rated Amazon sunglasses

Fossil Men's The Minimalist Recycled Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph Watch

Rachael shared, "This watch is from Fossil. This one has leather and a unique navy blue face. I've been wearing Fossil since I was probably in middle school. I love this watch. If your man likes a leather strap, this is perfect for that. I just really like the color palette of this one."

"That's super neutral. You could dress it down or you could go sporty with it because the face and strap are both so universal," Matt added. 

This watch comes in many other colors and they have 2,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Michael Kors Men's Slim Runway Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

"The other watch we have is from Michael Kors. I like the green tint to it," Rachael said.

Matt likes the watch because the color "stands out" and it "has some weight to it." He also said, "You can't have enough watches or sunglasses."

The watch comes in a few colors and it has 6,200+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Sojos Retro Round Polarized Sunglasses

"I never cared about sunglasses until Rachael. I like these. These are fire," Matt remarked.

These come in 13 colors and they have 3,900+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Tijn Blue Light Blocking Glasses

"I love these. These block blue light," Rachael said. 

There are 14 colors to choose from and these have 14,000+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Boutiquelovin 14Kk Gold Dainty Paperclip Link Chain Necklace

"This is a perfect chain for layering or to wear by itself. The good thing with necklaces like this is that you can turn them into a little, wrap bracelet," Rachael advised.

This necklace has 3,700+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Mevecco 14K Gold Plated Bracelet

"I think this would be a cute little gift together with the necklace because they have a matching chain. I love necklaces and bracelets like this because you can wear them alone or layer them," Rachael said.

This bracelet has 5,900+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Coach Leather Covered C Closure Puffy Tabby Shoulder Bag 26

"I love this bag. I'll tell you why I love this bag as someone who does not have any purses," Matt joked. 

Rachael said, "I love this bag. It's a Coach purse. This is perfect for Valentine's Day. It feels incredible. I screamed when I found out that Coach was on Amazon. This is just incredible that you can get such a great purse like this quickly to your door. Give this gift to her before you guys go out to dinner, so she can wear this out. It comes with two straps, but I personally like the little shoulder bag look."

She continued, "This is a great transition bag for the warmer months. I think red is so good for the summer. It's great for the spring too. Coach purses are timeless. You can't go wrong with a Coach purse."

Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Scrub– Moisturizing and Exfoliating Body Polish. Completely Natural and Vegan

Matt said, "This is one of my favorites. This is a body polish."

Rachael insisted, "Once you guys use this, you will never go back. I love body polish. I think that it's so so good. It's a perfect smell too."

Matt said, "This cold weather is not kind to us. The cracks show."

Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard loves this body polish too.

Baimei Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

Rachael remarked, "Here's another self-care item that I absolutely love. You guys have seen these everywhere. They. Are. Everything." Matt shared, "Rachael uses that all the time. At first, I didn't know what she's doing."

Rachael added, "It's good for your skin, but I also like the way it feels. I keep this in the fridge. This helps with puffiness. I bring it all the way down to get all of the drainage out. It also comes with a gua sha as well. I love love love this entire little duo. This is such a good gift."

E! shopping editors love this set, which has also been recommended by Kyle RichardsLisa Barlow, and Cassie Randolph. And if you want to emulate that 4 AM Euphoria beauty routine, get this. This set has 27,700+ 5-star Amazon reviews and it comes in seven colors.


Cards Against Humanity

Matt explained, "This is honestly a gift for both of y'all. I love this game personally. I think we're in an era of more at-home games, more card games. You've gotta have Cards Against Humanity. If you want an invite to the cookout, you've got to make sure you have all the goods. Pull up with the fire games. I just want you all to enjoy the laughs. I love laughing."

This game has 106,900+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Parlovable Cross Band Slippers

Matt declared, "I think everyone should have a pair of these. It was a little fad at first. Now, it's fully taken over." Rachael said, "This is forever. This is not a fad. Look at the bottom, they're like an actual shoe you can wear outside of the house."

Matt advised, "Pick these up. These are the softest. These are incredible. They're so comfortable to a point where you won't want to take them off."

These have 18,100+ 5-star Amazon reviews. Real Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Josephs recently recommended these too and so did Paige DeSorbo from Summer House.

Acorn Women's Moc Slipper

Rachael said, "Look at how cute these are. They are so cute. I love bottom. They remind me of UGGs, but they're way more affordable."

These come in so many colors and they have 5,800+ 5-star reviews.

Merokeety Long Sleeve Loungewear Set

Rachael said, "I love this set with slippers. It's the perfect little date night in look for Valentine's Day. It's super super soft, but it's still thick enough to wear. It's warm and it's not see-through. This is a set with shorts, but you can wear each on their own. The shorts are high-waisted and super comfortable. You can wear the top with jeans. "Here's a great gift your lady likes to stay in and loves self-care. If she loves to be comfortable, wear this set with a pair of slippers."

This set comes in 24 colors and it has 1,700+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Fixmatti Women's Elegant V Neck Wrap Knit Dresses

Rachael shared, "I think this is really good for the Valentine's Day occasion. It is a gorgeous little maxi dress. I love this. It has a tie at the waist. I always knot my ties, but you can also do a little cute bow. I love the color. You can re-wear this to work also. It's super comfortable, so you can also wear it for a date night in. It's so soft that it feels like a blanket. It's soft and comfortable. I love the sleeve length. I normally have trouble finding sleeves that fit my long arms. I love where the waist cinches because I think it's flattering for lots of different body types."

Summer House star Paige DeSorbo recommended this dress too. This dress has 1,600+ five-star Amazon reviews and there are 12 colors to choose from.


Dr. Martens Unisex 2976 Slip Resistant Service Boots

Matt shared, "I love these and Rachael loves these. These are what's in right now. Everybody's wearing these around the city. They're the coolest shoes. They've got this dope platform."

Rachael said, "I love Doc Martens. These are also a very timeless piece for me personally. You can wear these now and in ten years and 20 years. They'll never go out of style."

Matt added, "Rachael can dress these up or down." Amazon has these in four different colors.

Fafofa Workout Outfits for Women- 2 Pieces

"This is one of my favorite pieces. I couldn't believe I found it on Amazon. It's so so cute. You can wear this as a top or as a sports bra. You can go and get a good jog in or a walk in. Or you can wear a little jacket over this to go out. It has matching leggings. Look how cute. Love this. Super super super cute. I love the white color too. The material is so good. It's not see-through whatsoever. I love ribbed material like this. It's also super flattering. I love wear the leggings hit on my stomach. They're super comfortable and super stretchy."

Matt said the look was "fire." Lala Kent has this set. It's available in 13 colors and it has 3,700+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Rachael began, "I know how much Matt loves these." Matt agreed, saying, "They're my favorite. They are so easy to use. They're constantly charging. I've even fallen asleep in these. I don't use anything more than my phone and these. I take calls with them. I listen to podcasts with them. When I don't have these headphones, life is in disarray because I use them for everything. I exercise every single day. They're a must. I can't sing their praises enough.

Rachael told Matt, "You should be a spokesperson for these." These come in four colors and they have 1,800+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with Mic for Phone-Call and Alexa Voice Control

Rachael said, "I can't wear headphones like that because my ears are too small, so I prefer these. These are great. They're also noise canceling. These are great for everything and I also feel like these are good for anyone who is on their computer a lot for work, gaming producing, or anything like that."

Matt pointed out, "These are also warm in winter if you are walking around. They're great."

Summer House star Carl Radke has these too. They come in three colors and they have 23,200+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Kindle- With a Built-in Front Light

Rachael said, "This is for an avid reader. I love mine. I think this is such a good gift. This helps you be environmentally friendly and use less paper reading books. It's small and more travel-friendly. This is incredible. I absolutely love my Kindle. I can't recommend it enough. I think it's such a good gift. You can even use your Kindle for cookbooks too."

The Kindle has 35,000+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera, Charcoal Grey

Matt revealed, "This is one of my favorites. I went crazy with this. There is nothing more special than capturing memories with your friends, family, and other loved ones. This makes it so easy. You can take a picture and share it instantly with them. You can keep the photo in your wallet or purse. Who doesn't like this?"

Rachael added, "I love this just as much. This is a great gift. This is good to bring along with you on a trip or just to use at home when you're having people over."

This camera has 14,800+ 5-star Amazon reviews and it comes in a few different colors. Summer House stars Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard recently recommended this too.

Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler Straw Silicone Protective Sleeve Bamboo Lid- BPA Free

"If you're gonna get something for someone or even for yourself, I don't think you could go wrong with a reusable water bottle, especially this one. It's adorable. It prevents us from wasting plastic water bottles that we would throw out. I love a good straw. Save the planet and get a reusable water bottle" Rachael said.

Matt added, "Rachael loves her water bottle."

This comes in 35 colors and it has 24,000+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Zimasilk 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin Health

Rachael advised, "This is great for guys and girls. You can put this in a self-care bundle. This is a silk pillowcase and everyone needs one. This is so good for your hair. It's so good for your skin. I think everyone needs these. Not only are they good for you, but they also feel great. And they look incredible. Matt always steals mine."

This silk pillowcase is available in seven sizes and 40 colors. It has 26,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

While you're shopping at Amazon, check out these winter necessities chosen by The Bachelorette alum JoJo Fletcher.

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