How Becky G's New Beauty Brand Empowers the Latinx Community

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Becky G is spilling the beauty tea about her new cosmetics line, Treslúce Beauty, and what it means for the Latinx community.

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Is there anything Becky G can't do?

The answer, of course, is no. For one, there's no denying the 24-year-old singer has taken over the music industry with hit after hit. And while the Mala Santa artist is still booked and busy with her music, she has embarked on an exciting new chapter.

Enter: Treslúce Beauty.

That's right, the Mexican-American pop star has added makeup mogul to her ever-evolving resume. However, don't expect her cosmetics line to be like other celebrity-owned brands. Per a press release, Treslúce Beauty "celebrates [Becky's] Latinx roots, with a mission to uplift the community through authentic and true representation."

Her message couldn't ring more true with her first collection, which focuses on the eyes. From a vibrant 18-eyeshadow palette that's infused with Mexican Blue Agave to an eyelash case inspired by Mexican Talavera tiles and her grandmother, the California native's products are not only pretty but purposeful.

Stars With Beauty Brands

To celebrate her new endeavor, Becky exclusively spoke with E! News about creating her own cosmetics line, and why it felt like the perfect time to take this next step in her career.

Michele Andersen, John Parra/Getty Images for The Latin Recording Academy

E! News: You've collaborated with brands in the past, but why did it feel like the right time to branch out and launch your own line?

Becky G: "There's been something in the air for me, as a creative person, that felt it was just time. It's something that I've dreamt about since I was so, so young and it's been on my list of things to accomplish. But there's two sides to it: There's a personal side for me that makeup has always been that lane of self-expression. My music is something that I share with everyone, but makeup was always very personal to me and it was something that I was now ready to share on a bigger scale. And then, on top of that, as a consumer of makeup, I think what Treslúce is about and what it represents is something that is very much needed in the beauty space."

"There's so many pioneers in the makeup space that I looked up to and been inspired by, and I would just think to myself, 'What does that look like for me? What would I be about in the makeup space? What would we stand for?' And as we've put together our brand pillars, it's never felt more right. I know it sounds crazy to say at 24 years old. Like, 'Now's the time!' It could've come much later but the truth is, I started wearing makeup so young. We wear makeup so young now, and everyone wears makeup...so, it just felt right."

Michele Andersen

E! News: Beauty is so ingrained in Latinx culture and it's empowering that this brand's mission is to uplift the community. How does it feel to create a space for people to celebrate that part of their heritage?

BG: "I love that you use the word 'celebrate' because that's something that I speak a lot about with the team. When it comes to our Latinidad, one thing I love about our culture is that we love to share. We love to share our food, we love to share our music, we love to share our homes, our drinks—and now, I'm ready to share Treslúce. That part of our culture has definitely inspired me."

"And going back to what makes Treslúce unique, it's that celebration. And it's taking ownership. I know some people are like, 'Well, you're pretty without makeup.' Well, I don't wear makeup for you. I wear makeup for me because it makes me feel good. It makes me feel identified with myself because this is my favorite way of self-expression. So empowering individuals with knowing, like, you wear makeup for you, not for anyone else. And re-writing that story as Latinas...and I think that that's really powerful."

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E! News: Touching on how beauty can be a way to express yourself and be that "me-time," does beauty ever feel therapeutic for you and does it help with your mental health in any way?

BG: "100 percent. Even on days where I feel a little sick, I'm just like, 'I gotta get a face on and I'll feel so much better.' [laughs] It's a peaceful time. To really paint a picture for you: Those times before I go on stage, and I'm doing my own makeup and I'm staring at myself in the mirror, I get to be a part of that transformation of becoming a more elevated and powerful version of myself."

"That says everything about even who I've become outside of being a daughter, a sister and being a partner. All of those things are so important to me, but the fact that I've been able to come as far as I have at the age that I am...it's because of that connection with myself. I think my beauty journey has a lot to do with it because as I've learned more, I feel I have a place where I belong."

Michele Andersen

E! News: Your eyeshadow palette also includes affirmations that are positive reminders to feel good about yourself. Can you share a little more about why it was it important for you to incorporate those messages? 

BG: "The beauty space is filled with a lot of fun and cool trends, but sometimes trends can make you think, 'Am I good enough for it? Am I cool enough to do that?' Growing up on the internet and getting discovered off of the internet, it's not always been the most positive and uplifting place. But I'm definitely more of a glass-half-full, not a half-empty kind of person...It's that process of self-discovery and part of that self-discovery has been self-acceptance. That's something that is a daily practice—some days I'm tuned into that higher frequency and some days me cuesta un poco más [it costs me a little bit more]."

"It's one of those honest things that I share with my fans all the time. It takes work and it takes effort, and you are worthy of putting that effort into yourself. Especially in minority communities, we're dealing with so much pressure, not just as young women or young individuals to look a certain way or speak a certain way, but then on top of that, we have to become successful. We have to carry around all of these generational cycles, and prevail, and do great things. And it's like, 'Can I just have a moment?!' So practicing those affirmations has done so much for me, and to infuse that a little bit into something, even if it goes over one's head, they're touching something that is so intentional. And I think that that's really beautiful."

You can shop Becky's new line here.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.