Dylan Barbour Claims Jed Wyatt Was "Screwed Over" the Most on The Bachelor in Candid Q&A

Bachelor Nation's Dylan Barbour posted a lengthy Q&A on Twitter over the weekend, in which he spoke about the Bachelor franchise and the stuff fans don't ever see on camera.

By Alyssa Morin Jan 31, 2021 7:13 PMTags

Bachelor Nation's Dylan Barbour is spilling all the tea.

The reality TV personality dropped major bombshells about The Bachelor franchise in a lengthy Q&A on Saturday, Jan. 30. Dylan took to Twitter, writing, "Cancel ABC and The Bachelor. Kinda wanna air out their dirty laundry mom got me riled up."

The Bachelor in Paradise star followed up with, "Ask away," to which his followers eagerly obliged.

One user asked if there was "anything they told you to say that you refused." Dylan responded, "Yes all the time. You gotta understand the game. They get paid off you doing s--t that warrants screen time."

Others wanted to know if contestants went on the dating competition series to "find love" or if they signed up to simply "enjoy a free vacation, make friends, and gain internet fame?"

"I think it's a mix," Dylan replied, adding, "Absolute wild experience, but there's a chance you meet someone for real. You all take psych exams, so you could be scientifically matched."

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However, the biggest revelation from the 26-year-old star's thread was when he claimed Jed Wyatt never cheated on Hannah Brown, which Jed has also maintained after rumors about his alleged infidelity sparked online in 2019.

As fans might recall, the former couple got engaged during the season 15 finale of The Bachelorette. But their romance came to an abrupt end after Jed confessed to Hannah that he dated another woman up until a week before filming the series. He noted that the relationship was not serious, which is why they went their separate ways. However, adding to the mess, Jed's ex came forward and said the opposite.

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So when a fan asked Dylan, "Who from your season do you feel got the most screwed over by production?" it was surprising that he responded with "Jed."

Another user chimed in, "Are you saying he didn't cheat on Hannah?" to which he replied, "Yes."

At this time, Jed has yet to publicly comment on Dylan's thread. Moreover, both ABC and Chris Harrison (who was mentioned in the thread) have yet to address the posts either. E! News has reached out to all parties and we have yet to receive a response.

While the Bachelor in Paradise star explained that he's through with the franchise after finding love during season 6 of the spin-off—he got engaged to Hannah Godwin—he admitted that he wanted to discuss the ABC series for those who are still part of that world.

"Oh yeah bro I'm chilling," he shared. "But it's about the other 99% of people who don't have the same outcome that Hannah and I were lucky to have."

He concluded his thread, writing, "My last thought: they need you until they don't. Each person is a pawn in a larger scheme, and they do not have contestants [sic] best interests in mind. Mental health is not a concern. Multiple people develop issues post-show and they do nothing to help. If anything, they fuel hate."

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