Coupled Up: Why Bachelor Nation's Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin Aren't Sweatin' Quarantine Life

Bachelor Nation’s Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin are opening up about quarantine life in San Diego. Find out how fitness is bringing them closer together.

By Mike Vulpo May 12, 2020 1:00 PMTags

When it comes to quarantine life with Dylan Barbour, Hannah Godwin may have summed it up best.

"We've definitely been balancing fitness, TikTok, being weird and wine."

As many Americans enter week nine of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, couples are trying their best to grow their relationship in clever and unique ways. And for one of Bachelor Nation's most beloved couples, it's time to focus on breaking a sweat.

"We love working out and we're trying to get into a routine," Dylan shared with E! News exclusively as part of E! News' Coupled Up series. "Everyday, we wake up and say we have to come out of this with at least abs or something."

Hannah added, "In the beginning, it was like what a good time to hide out from the world and eat whatever we want.  But a few weeks in and we were like why don't we reverse things and get in shape and take this chance to focus a little bit more on fitness."

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Starting this week, the couple will team up with Vizer and four fitness studios including Yogaworks, Solidcore Fitness, The Daily Method and Pure Indoor Cycling for a live workout on Instagram. And you're invited! 

"It's every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. We're doing an Instagram Live workout at the same time with the same studio for a month," Dylan shared. "We're going to workout four days a week and it's going to be a good routine. It's going to be a blast."


That doesn't mean the couple is going to step away from their favorite quarantine activities. Hannah continues to work on her YouTube channel while Dylan is trying to set his mom up with a Zoom date.  

"My mom's my best friend so we've always had each other's backs," Dylan explained to us. "It could be a fun journey and who knows, maybe she will get engaged after 27 days like I did?"

Hannah added, "I think people can totally find love during quarantine. It's kind of like when we went to Paradise. You have nothing else but to think of yourself…I think some love can blossom out of quarantine or people will just talk to people because they're bored. It could go either way."

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Fortunately, Hannah and Dylan have already found their final rose. During quarantine, the couple found a wedding planner for their big day. As for that guest list, it's hitting close to 400 lucky attendees. 

"It's been fun to talk about," Hannah shared. "It's been fun exploring and some of these venues are booked for two-three years especially with all the push backs. The date is unknown."

Until then, the couple is simply enjoying life together in San Diego, Calif., together. Hannah decided to quarantine at Dylan's new place where she quickly got to decorating the space. 

The couple has found a way to pay it forward through the Vizer app where users can power a meal donation for a family in need after they exercise. "Right now, we're working with a few non-profits to help with the effects of COVID-19. The meals go directly to families affected by the Coronavirus," Dylan shared. "We're pretty proud of that and what we've been able to pull together."

And despite the uncertain times that come with a pandemic, one thing is clear: Their love story remains stronger than ever.


"I'll be so busy during the day—whether it's with Vizer or running errands—and then if I'm exhausted, I can just lay down quite literally on top of Hannah," Dylan shared. "She takes care of me a little bit, which is amazing and it's just super loving and reminds me of how lucky I am." 

Hannah added, "Dylan reminds me of family. We both respect each other's space, we're both supportive and I think we're a really good team."

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