Need More Euphoria? You’ll Have to Wait Until 2021 For Part Two of the Christmas Special

After that gut-wrenching episode starring Zendaya’s Rue, HBO confirmed the premiere date for part two of Euphoria's Christmas special starring Hunter Schafer.

By Jonathan Borge Dec 07, 2020 9:30 PMTags
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HBO is giving us enough time to get our bearings and feel whole again.

Following a pretty long Euphoria void, the streaming service delivered part one of a two-part Christmas special last week. It was incredibly sad and bleak, a pressing reminder of just how troubled Zendaya's Rue is and why, exactly, the 24-year-old actress is a star. Despite the incredibly dramatic premiere, only one question came to mind after watching: when does the next one come out?

On Monday, Dec. 7, HBO announced that the second part of the seasonal special—both are unrelated to season two—will premiere on Jan. 24, giving us a little more than a month to focus on, ahem, more joyous, colorful holiday content before diving back into Euphoria's often twisted world. As fans suspected, the second episode will follow a similar approach to the first, only this time it'll focus on Hunter Schafer's Jules and what she does around the big holiday. Similarly, it should paint a fuller picture of what really went down between her and Rue when they split up following Rue's relapse at the end of season one.

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Though part one was certainly slow, fans couldn't help but become an emotional wreck after witnessing the tough and introspective conversation between Rue and her sobriety sponsor, Ali (Colman Domingo). Part two is called "F*ck Anyone Who's Not A Sea Blob" and Schafer co-wrote the episode along with Sam Levinson, the series' creator. 

So far, season two of the Emmy-winning series doesn't have a release date. But if HBO follows the same approach it did with episode one of the special, we expect the air date of Jules' episode to get bumped up for a release on HBO Max. 

For now, go do what you need to do and recover from all of part one's many quotable moments.

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