Fans Are an Emotional Wreck After Euphoria’s Special Rue Episode—See the Best Reactions

The first of Euphoria’s two special episodes has finally aired and fans are losing it. See the best, funniest reactions to the dramatic Christmas-themed Rue episode.

By Jonathan Borge Dec 07, 2020 5:05 PMTags
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Anyone else experiencing an emotional hangover? 

After a highly anticipated wait, HBO switched up the premiere date for its two special Euphoria episodes, delivering a Christmas-themed episode focused entirely on Zendaya's Rue on Thursday, Dec. 3. Like us, fans spent the weekend catching up on what's best described as the reason the 24-year-old earned that Emmy.

Separate from season two, part one is designed to help us put the pieces together after Rue relapsed in that heartbreaking season one finale. The episode takes place on Christmas Eve as Rue meets with her sobriety sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo) for an incredibly long, drawn-out conversation about love, trauma, heartbreak, addiction, Black Lives Matter, family and feeling like you've reached the end of your rope. 

It's dark, a little depressing and definitely a break from the series' traditional format. After all, they spent the majority of the episode at a diner just sitting and talking and sitting and talking some more.

Zendaya's Best Looks

But like most fans expressed on Twitter, so much of Rue and Ali's dialogue was a little too close to home. Throughout, they share uncomfortable realizations, such as the fact that for Rue, sobriety isn't something she's that interested in. She says, "To tell you the truth, drugs are probably the only reason I haven't killed myself.' 

Elsewhere, Ali asks a server named Marsha to swoop in with some advice about sobriety, which, even taken out of context, completely ripped our hearts to shreds. "Everything that's good to you isn't always good for you," she says. Can anyone whip up a quote graphic for us to share on Instagram? The wise waitress also says, "Trouble don't last always and it doesn't if you want to make a change."

Eddy Chen/HBO

The premiere date for part-two is to be determined, but it's believed to focus on Hunter Schafer's Jules and her version of what went down after she and Rue parted ways in season one. While we wait, we thought we'd select some of the greatest reactions to episode one. Scroll down to see that nope, you definitely weren't alone in thinking it was intense AF.


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This was definitely a blow:


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Let's at least end on a high note:

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