The Bachelor's Ben Higgins Reacts to Ex Lauren Bushnell's Pregnancy News

Ben Higgins commented on ex Lauren Bushnell's Instagram post announcing she is expecting her first baby with husband Chris Lane. Read on to see what he said!

By Cydney Contreras Dec 07, 2020 9:14 PMTags
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Ben Higgins has nothing but good wishes for ex Lauren Bushnell as she embarks on the next chapter in her life: motherhood.

The former Bachelor congratulated Lauren and husband Chris Lane after the pair announced they are expecting their first child together. Ben commented on Lauren's Instagram post, "Congrats! What a thing to celebrate!"

His reply to her announcement came as a surprise considering The Ben & Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast host has said that he wants people to stop looking to him for a reaction whenever Lauren celebrates a new milestone. As he put it when Lauren and Chris got engaged in June 2019, "I hope this is a chapter being closed completely because I don't know Lauren anymore and my life isn't tied to her."

Not to say that Ben wasn't happy for Lauren. He added that he wishes her "nothing but joy." 

Lauren has shared that she has fond memories of her time on Ben's season and the relationship that followed, but she too is letting the past stay in the past. 

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"I don't always talk about it all—I'd rather let others do all the talking," Lauren reflected after their proposal re-aired on Ben's episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons—Ever!, "but that's not because I didn't enjoy the experience. I've just moved on and am incredibly happy now."

Lauren Bushnell/Instagram

Ben has also closed that chapter of his life. He is now engaged to Jessica Clarke, whom he met on Instagram in 2018. 

The pair was set to exchange nuptials this November, but in July, Ben revealed that they decided to postpone their wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic. "What Jess and I have been able to do is, like, mentally wrap our brains around the idea of how much fun is it going to be to be engaged for a year and a half. And we're talking to each other in that way. Like, this is a fun time. We should enjoy this. We can celebrate this," he continued. "Hopefully by then, you know, COVID is—cross our fingers—it's far enough gone that our family can be there and celebrate with the freedom of knowing that, you know, there's a solution to the COVID virus and we can look at it in that manner."

By that time, baby Lane will have arrived in the world... So in short, looks like there's a lot to look forward to in 2021.

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