Why Docking Drama Has Bosun Eddie Lucas Saying "F--k It" on Below Deck

In this exclusive Below Deck sneak peek, Eddie Lucas finds himself frustrated with one deckhand while docking My Seanna.

By Alyssa Ray Dec 07, 2020 9:00 PMTags
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Docking drama.

In this clip from Monday, Dec. 7's all-new Below Deck, tensions run high as the crew prepares to dock My Seanna. Not only does bosun Eddie Lucas have to explain protocol to former stewardess turned deckhand Isabelle "Izzy" Wouters, but Shane Coopersmith still requires a lot of instruction.

Eddie is seen saying to Izzy, "I'm gonna go drop, drop, drop, drop."

She responds, "Gotcha."

While Eddie assures Izzy that it's "pretty self-explanatory stuff," it seems not everyone on the crew has taken to the protocol. It's not a great time to be Shane, that's for sure.

Speaking of Shane, he goes on to ask fellow deckhand James Hough, "Does it matter which end we're gonna put on the dock?"  

In response, James offers up a quick, "Yeah."

Later on, Eddie continues walking his deckhands through the docking protocol, which includes dropping fenders over the side and adjusting a clamcleat.

Shane sounds off, "These ones are not measured correctly."

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Eddie informs his deckhand, "Just so long as it drops. And then, once it's down, you can adjust it real quick. 'Cause, it's just a clamcleat."

Once My Seanna's stern "clears 15 feet," it's go-time for the deck team.

"Stern is clear of 15," Eddie says over the radio. "Dropping fenders in three, two, one. Drop, drop, drop and drop."

While Izzy nails the fender drop, Shane seems to struggle to get his into place.

Eddie tells Shane, "You've got one more to drop."

The young deckhand remarks, "I know."


Eddie isn't the only person noticing Shane's docking error. Captain Lee Rosbach goes on to snap, "I've got a fender misplaced…God damn it."

A frustrated Eddie goes on to place Shane's last fender.

Izzy says encouragingly, "Alright, team."

As for Eddie? He, understandably, concludes, "F--k it."

Watch the tense scene play out in the exclusive clip above.

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