Below Deck Season 8 First Look Features a New Chief Stewardess, Wild Guests, Coronavirus & More

Take a closer look at what's to come for Below Deck season eight when it premieres Monday, Nov. 2

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Drama on the high seas.

In this all-new Below Deck season eight trailer, Captain Lee Rosbach tackles a new Chief Stewardess, unruly charter guests and coronavirus. The new teaser starts off promising with scenic shots of the Caribbean.

"It's been years since I've been in the Caribbean, and I missed the hell out of it," the famed captain states in the just-released footage. "White sandy beaches, crystal blue water? It's like putting on your favorite pair of blue jeans. It's like going home again."

Captain Lee isn't the only familiar face as bosun Eddie Lucas, who is best known for being an original cast member, has returned to Below Deck. Nonetheless, it's new addition Francesca Rubi we're most excited about.

Francesca has stepped into Kate Chastain's longtime role of Chief Stewardess, as she exited the show after wrapping season seven. And, like Kate, it seems Francesca is a no-nonsense Chief Stew.

Wildest Guests on Below Deck

"No watermarks, anywhere. All the time," Francesca is seen saying before adding, "I do take my job a little bit too seriously sometimes."

While the new season of Below Deck promises some familiar drama, including crew firings and hookups, there is a first for Captain Lee.

As seen in the new trailer, the seasoned captain announces he's ending one guest's charter over their behavior.

"Get your goddamn ass back to this boat, now," Captain Lee demands of one guest. "Your charter just ended."

Not to mention, season eight of the Bravo hit will document the choppy waters of the start of the coronavirus pandemic. As crew members get scary updates from loved ones, Captain Lee declares that "the f--king world's going to hell in a f--king handbasket."

For all of this drama and more, catch the all-new trailer above.

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Take a look at the season eight cast below!

Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Harold Lee Rosbach has spent more than two decades in the yachting industry.

Born and raised in landlocked Michigan, he discovered his untapped love for the water while managing restaurants in Turks & Caicos. It was then that an acquaintance invited him to serve as a mate on a sailboat delivery to earn extra cash. At 35, Lee obtained his Captain's license and left the restaurant business behind to pursue his newfound passion.

Since then, Captain Lee has commanded more than a dozen super yachts. Lovingly known as the "Stud of the Sea," Lee values the special bonds he forms on deck and always puts the safety of everyone on board above all else. This season, Lee is excited to return to the Caribbean with his old friend, Bosun Eddie Lucas, as he adjusts to the many new personalities, including his new Chief Stewardess.

Eddie Lucas, Bosun

Excited to jump back on board, Eddie Lucas hopes to charm the crew with his humor and jovial spirit.

Eddie returns to Below Deck with a degree in adventure education from Green Mountain College and a background in paddling, skiing, and scuba diving.

After taking his talents to the yachting industry, Eddie joined the first three seasons of Below Deck as an original cast member. Since we saw him last, Eddie has achieved his 1600-ton license and works as First Mate on a four-man tugboat crew where he has learned the importance of diligence and delegation in the commercial industry. Although Eddie's version of paradise was not fulfilled following season 3, he has a "never say never" mantra when it comes to how things may develop onboard.

Rachel Hargrove, Chef

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Rachel Hargrove is a cosmopolitan yacht chef with an extensive repertoire of culinary skills.

Although predominantly self-taught, Rachel attended the Culinary Institute of America and held an apprenticeship at the Michelin-starred restaurant Quatro Passi in Nerano, Italy. After spending time in Thailand, Japan, India, and Italy to expand her craft, Rachel revels in her wide range of cuisines—from molecular gastronomy to gluten-free pasta, she is unphased by almost any charter guest preference sheet.

A talented and experienced chef, Rachel admits her demanding professionalism can be polarizing to others. No matter their opinion, Rachel is always sure to stand her ground on deck.

Francesca Rubi, Chief Stewardess

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Francesca Rubi grew up determined to live an adventurous lifestyle.

Francesca began her career in event management working for celebrity clients and eventually transitioned into the yachting industry as a hostess. She quickly learned the ropes and has grown to become an adventurer with a strong background in yachting as a purser, deckhand, and stewardess. Francesca prides herself on providing the best guest experience, but the demands can be exhausting. When Francesca is not on charter, she loves to find inspiration from cultures around the world, let loose, and party with her crew.

Elizabeth Frankini, Stewardess

Elizabeth Frankini is a Long Island native with a background in high-end hospitality.

Introduced to yachting by a former boyfriend who wanted to show her the world, Elizabeth instead fell in love with life on deck. A mermaid at heart, Elizabeth was captivated by the ocean and wanted to immerse herself in foreign cultures. She quickly enrolled in courses and was hired on the spot. After four on-and-off years freelancing in yachting, she joins the crew eager to broaden her stew skills. Always marching to the beat of her own drum, Elizabeth made sure to pack her healing crystals and is ready to ward off any trouble on deck with positive energy.

Isabelle "Izzy" Wouters, Stewardess

Isabelle Wouters was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia.

Four years ago, she entered the yachting industry as a fluke while planning to travel Europe. With her first taste of wanderlust, Izzy knew that she needed to continue seeing the world. After her first stew job, she was eager to perfect her skills inside and out and took more courses to become a certified yacht master. Now, Izzy knows her way around the interior and exterior better than most. Dedicated to her crew and charter guests, Izzy takes her job seriously and hopes to form strong friendships on board.

James Hough, Deckhand

James Hough is a charismatic guy from northern England.

He received a private school education but realized academics were not his forte and dropped out of university after only two weeks. Looking for experiences beyond the UK, James fled to Antibes to try his hand at yachting. James is an incorrigible flirt—his shameless pursuit of several stews onboard nearly got him fired from his first job, and he was forced to shape up or ship out. The charming Casanova is still a hard worker and driven to succeed. Always putting his job first, James is thankful for the opportunity to see the world and has no plans to look back anytime soon.

We can't wait to set sail with this dramatic season.

Below Deck season eight premieres Monday, Nov. 2 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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