Lil Nas X and James Charles React to the Internet's Speculation About Their Relationship

Lil Nas X and James Charles joined forces for the ultimate YouTube video and discussed the internet's reaction to the rapper coming out as gay.

By Cydney Contreras Nov 18, 2020 1:20 AMTags
Watch: Lil Nas X & James Charles Makeover Sparks Couple Rumors

Could James Charles and Lil Nas X be the Internet's next favorite couple? Not so fast.

In the beauty vlogger's latest YouTube video, he did the rapper's makeup for the first time, talking about fame, fashion and other topics, in between applying products. Inevitably, the conversation turned to Lil Nas X coming out in June 2019.

James applauded Lil Nas' decision, saying, "Obviously, a few months ago you came out as gay, which was such an exciting headline and I was so excited and proud of you and I feel like a lot of the internet really was behind you and supported you as well. It was such a like crazy cool thing for the country and the pop and just the music community in general." 

Lil Nas admitted that coming out was "nerve-wracking" because he didn't know "what was on the other side," but is glad that he went through with it. 

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James then recalled what happened after he congratulated Lil Nas on social media, laughing about the internet's reaction. He said, "I remember when you first came out of the closet too. I remember tweeting you to be like, 'Oh my god, congratulations!' And everyone was like he's not gonna f--k you."

Lil Nas jokingly replied, "I'm dead. Let's keep that in the video."

The two went on to discuss the memes that people made after their interaction, which James said he still sees "all the time."

"They're really about to pipe up after this one though," the "Holiday" performer quipped. "This is what they want."


Lil Nas then brought up James' outfits that he wore to Coachella, telling him that the photo of him in ass-less chaps was "on my timeline for weeks."

In response, James asked, "How did you feel about that outfit?" to which Lil Nas said, "I thought it looked great." (!!!)

James later returned the favor by complimenting the rapper on his sense of fashion. He told Lil Nas, "When you were on the red carpets for the brief moment your outfits were so sick, so cool."

As expected, the artists' collaboration sparked a lot of conversation on the internet, most of the talk revolving about their respective relationship statuses.

But Lil Nas respectfully reminded Twitter users, "2 gay men can do things together without y'all sexualizing it."

To hear Lil Nas X and James' full conversation, check out the video above!