Why Lil Nas X Thinks Quarantine Has Been ''The Best Thing'' For His New Music

“Old Town Road” superstar Lil Nas X talked exclusively with E! News about his process of making music during lockdown and teaming up with designer Christian Cowan.

By Lindsay Weinberg Sep 18, 2020 2:30 AMTags
Watch: Lil Nas X on Becoming a Fashion Icon With Christian Cowan's Help

When life gave Lil Nas X lemons, he made lemonade. 

In an exclusive interview with E!'s Zanna Roberts Rassi during New York Fashion Week, the "Old Town Road" singer revealed how the pandemic is getting his creative juices flowing.

"Quarantine has probably been the best thing that could have happened to me to where I am in my career right now. It's given me so much time to think through while creating music," he shared. 

Why the sudden burst of inspo? Lil Nas X explained, "I don't really have to hear so many outside voices while I'm creating, because I'm in the comfort of my home."

The rapper believes the pandemic and other current events will affect his new music. "They will probably play a role into how I want to release it, but you can't stop what's meant to happen," he told E! News.

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After his country collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus became a global sensation and broke records as the longest-running No. 1 single of all time, Lil Nas X is trying not to let the pressure get to him.

He added, "I know it's going to come whenever it comes. But I'm happy creating. I know what I put out next people are going to love... I'm just confident in what I've been working on."

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Part of that work includes partnering with fashion designer Christian Cowan for a unisex read-to-wear collection that benefits Atlanta's Black queer community.

Although he's got those cowboy hats from Gucci, as his hit song goes, the 21-year-old confessed that a fashion icon "was definitely last on my list of things I would probably be when I got older." Yet, he killed it on the 2020 Grammy Awards red carpet in a hot pink Versace cowboy outfit.

During the interview, the musician gushed over Cowan, who is also favored by Lady Gaga and Cardi B. Lil Nas X said, "Christian, he's always been for the community. He's excellent at what he does and he's a friend of mine, too."

The British designer, who rocked gold glitter makeup while speaking with Rassi, said quarantine is certainly influencing his designs this season, as he turns toward the bright and bold. "I feel like people need to be cheered up," Cowan said. "I need like glitter and sparkle. I want to cheer people up. As a brand, this lockdown's actually been amazing for us. We've been able to focus on so many projects."

Watch the exclusive E! News interview above—and hear Lil Nas X tease some potential new song lyrics.