Max Ehrich Says Stop Trying to "Thank You, Next" Him After Demi Lovato Breakup

Demi Lovato's ex-fiancé has clapped back in the aftermath of their breakup with the help of a hit Ariana Grande lyric.

By Samantha Schnurr Sep 28, 2020 3:37 PMTags
Watch: Max Ehrich Says He Learned of Split With Demi From Tabloids

It sounds like Max Ehrich has a bone to pick over how his breakup with Demi Lovato is playing out. 

Just days ago, on Sept. 24, E! News confirmed the pop star and her actor fiancé had called it quits two months after getting engaged. Since that time, the soap opera actor has taken to social media with his own messages about their split. His most recent on Sunday, Sept. 28 included the plea "Leave me alone" and another message about not wanting attention.

"I am not interested in attention; I'm in [sic] interested in doing my art," he wrote. "Please leave me be and let me focus on my film!!!!! God bless."

Ehrich also seemingly addressed his ex when he wrote, "If you're going to preach about anti-bullying- Why would you allow someone you love(d) to be bullied by your fans? For what….? Telling the truth?"

As the actor continued his social media statements, he also referenced a very popular Ariana Grande hit. 

"Please stop trying to thank you, next... Me," he wrote in more since-deleted notes on his Instagram Story. "... For I'm just a human being who has to go to work tomorrow AM where there are families with kids relying on me. Thanks. God bless." 

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Following headlines about their breakup, Ehrich broke his silence on the situation and claimed on his Instagram Stories that he found out about their split just like fans did. "Imagine finding out to [sic] the status of your relationship through a tabloid," he wrote on Saturday, Sept. 26. "While your [sic] in the middle of filming a biopic movie about a Pastor in a Christian Church whose intention of the film is to help people."

According to a source, that wasn't exactly the case. "Demi did tell him beforehand," the source told E! News, adding that Max is "just trying to stay relevant. Her family thinks he is crazy and is so relieved she has taken this step."

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However, Ehrich doubled down on his version of the story as he shared more details on Instagram Sunday, Sept. 27. 

"I was on the set of my new movie, Southern Gospel, with crew and cast members right next to me who literally watched me open my phone where I then opened a tabloid," he wrote. 

"This is the God's honest truth of how I found out about the ending of the engagement," the actor continued, "and have people from my film who saw the whole thing go down and helped me get back into character to continue my job." 


He also made the claim on his Instagram Story on Sunday that they haven't "officially ended anything to each other."

"Up… to this moment…  we haven't spoken over the phone," he wrote. "I'm here in real time with y'all. I love Demetria and just want her to be healthy and safe."

Ehrich also appealed to Lovato directly, adding, "If you're reading this…. I love you always…unconditionally… no matter what."

As for the reason behind their swift breakup, one source told E! News the singer realized "she didn't know who Max truly was and didn't think he had good intentions."

"There were many red flags she was ignoring and trying to turn a blind eye to," the source noted. A second source added, "She doesn't trust him and thinks he's sketchy."

Still, despite the issues at hand, the singer is seemingly heartbroken. Lovato is "really upset and distraught about it," the first source described. As that source put it, she "really loved him and wanted it to work."