Hugh Dancy Has the Best Reaction to Wife Claire Danes' One-Night Stand Story

Hugh Dancy finally weighed in on his wife Claire Danes' one-night stand story during his interview with SirusXM, and of course, he had the best response.

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Hugh Dancy want to say thank you to Claire Danes' exes. 

During his interview with SiriusXM's The Michelle Collins Show, the Hannibal star had the best response after hearing a story that his wife shared about one of her one-night stands. Taking place during her visit to Armchair Expert, she revealed that she realized she wanted to be with Dancy after spending the night with someone else, referring to the moment as when she got her "palate cleansed" and couldn't deny her feelings for the British actor any longer.  

"The first thing I should mention is that this is complete news to me, so I'm glad I can respond to it," he began, noting that he had no idea that the Homeland star had shared the story publicly. "I can only say that I'm really glad that my wife chose to have a one-night stand with an inadequate lover." Dancy added, "It could have gone either way, who knows?"

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Giving host Michelle Collins some more context, he explained that the night in question happened before they became a couple.

"We were not in a relationship when that happened, in fact," Dancy recalled. "This is when I kind of edge into dangerous territory perhaps. But, it was kind of in the moment, I guess, when we were—I was single and she was single and we were both clearly thinking about it. But she was also thinking, I suppose—as one often does—‘Well,  do I wanna jump back into another relationship?'"

Fortunately for the Ella Enchanted star, Danes was ready for love. The two started dating after meeting each other on the set of the 2007 film Evening.

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Two years later, Dancy and Danes tied the knot in an intimate ceremony France, just months after announcing their engagement. The longtime couple are now the proud parents of sons Cyrus, 7, and Rowan, 20 months.

Dancy and Danes reunited on-screen for the final season of her show Homeland in 2019. In an interview with Porter, she opened up about collaborating with her husband again, saying, "That was such a nice way to end the show. I didn't have a single scene with him, but on my days off, I would go to his set. He's very good. I don't exactly forget that, but we don't talk about acting much, so it was a really nice reminder."

She added, "Watching your partner do something they are really good at is so hot."