Adam Sandler For Sure Thought Billy Madison Would Get An Oscar

Adam Sandler admitted he believed his cult-classic Billy Madison deserved Oscar buzz during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. See what he had to say in the video.

By emily belfiore Nov 06, 2019 12:40 PMTags
Adam Sandler, The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon

Adam Sandler is eyeing something better than all the snack packs combined.

On Tuesday, the actor stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to chat about his upcoming film Uncut Gems. In it, Adam plays a high-end New York City jewelry dealer that finds himself struggling to pay his debts after some high-stake gambles. And, much to his surprise, the movie is already receiving Oscar buzz. 

It's an accolade he's been waiting for since the start of his career. "I think when I was young, I thought Billy Madison or something had a shot," he admitted to host Jimmy Fallon of the 1995 comedy. "But they took that away from me. So, I stopped dreaming."

But now, it seems like his fantasy may come to life. Even Jimmy agrees. After all, he had the best viewing experience while catching the flick in October. Though he originally intended to see the film with Saturday Night Live exec Lorne Michaels, his pal ditched him last minute for Chris Rock and Ben Stiller.

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Thankfully, Adam swooped in to save the day. And, in return, he received all of his longtime pal's praise live from the theater.

"You were the best guy to watch this movie with," Adam gushed. "Jimmy's enthusiasm is incredible. And if you sit next to Jimmy and you have a movie coming out, he is the proper man to make you think that you did a great job...Jimmy was so nervous and so excited."

For Adam, filming Uncut Gems was an unforgettable experience. And, thanks to the jewelers he did his research with, he has a magnifying glass to keep with him forever. 

"I couldn't let the character go," he explained. "I started looking at everybody's jewelry to see if it was good or bad. And then, this is the weirdest thing I discovered...I have penis. I had no idea! I was so excited."

Uncut Gems hits theaters December 13.

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