Adam Sandler and Bob Barker are reigniting their famous Happy Gilmore feud, and just in time for throwback Thursday!

The hilarious duo reunited to film a video for Comedy Central's charity show Night of Too Many Stars benefitting autism charities. The clip starts out harmless enough with Sandler feeding Barker soup as the 91-year-old lies in a hospital bed.

"As you've probably guessed, Bob Barker and I haven't spoken with each other in many years," the 48-year-old comedian says.

"That's right, not since Happy Gilmore. But we know that providing schools and services for people with autism is too important," the former Price Is Right host adds.

Things quickly go south when the duo start insulting each other with zingers. "You are looking old. How old are you, 60? You're looking chunkier than the soup," Barker tells Sandler. "I guess doing all those movies without me took its toll. If I had known that I had to toss your salad to be in another one, I would've, but Rob Schneider didn't send me the memo."

That's when Sandler punches Barker in the face! Things get really hilarious as the two stars brawl in the hospital room. Sandler punches Barker in the crotch before Barker dumps a potty full of pee on Sandler's head!

Watch the funny video for yourself to see how their epic fight ends.

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