10 New Year's Resolutions Based on Beauty Advice From the Kardashians and More

These tips and tricks will help you glow in 2019

By Alanah Joseph Dec 28, 2018 9:39 PMTags
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Are you ready for 2019?

With only a few days until New Year's Eve, making 2019 the best year yet is a priority. New Year's resolutions are a must. Whether you're journaling lengthy goals or taking a mental note of how you're going to win big, there's one thing for sure: To do your best, you have to feel and look your best. 

Cue the best beauty advice from celebrities. Are you a mom that's struggling to find time in the morning to get dolled up? Olivia Wilde has a daily routine that may make things easier. Thinking about transitioning to an all-natural beauty routine? Kourtney Kardashian is a go-to. Looking for a simple way to achieve dewy, glowing skin? Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian have solutions.

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Check the best tips and tricks that can be your New Year's resolutions below!

Yara Shahidi: Make Self-Love a Priority

In an interview with E! News, the Grown-ish actress shared the best beauty advice she's ever received:

"To focus on self-care first. I've learned a lot from my mother, and we always spoke about taking care of yourself first and foremost...Also, I've learned to look at beauty as a creative outlet. Use makeup to express yourself rather than to cover yourself. This is why I gravitate towards louder colors—there's that feeling of taking up creative space when you go bold."

Kourtney Kardashian: Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

It's no secret that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has an affinity for all-natural products and remedies. For her skin and hair, she shared that a traditional practice is what's behind her glow:

"Taking a spoonful of ghee or coconut oil also is remarkable for the skin and hair," she shared. "The Ayurvedic tradition believes good oils help enhance our beauty by balancing our hormones and adding needed oils to hair and skin."

Kim Kardashian: Achieve Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is a makeup goal that's harder to achieve than you may initially think. Finding the right moisturizer, primer and foundation is most of the battle. However, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed her tip for application in a recent beauty tutorial.

"First, I have moisturizer on my hands and I extra moisturize," she said prior to starting her routine. "Even if I've already moisturized for the day, I put on moisturizer again...I like a little bit of an oily slip for the foundation."

Jessica Alba: Stay Hydrated

After welcoming E! News host into the Honest Company headquarters, the entrepreneur shared that she's turned 30, she's had to take better care of her skin. The change in her skin-care routine was simple, however. The actress drinks a lot of water.

"Drinking water matters," she said. "You can really see on someone's face when they're dehydrated or malnourished."

Laura Harrier: Revive Your Hair

Heat-damaged hair? Laura has an answer and product recommendation:

"When I started modeling, my hair died—literally all of it fell out—and I didn't know how to take care of it," she shared regarding her teenage years and the beginning of her career.

Now, she's rocking her healthy hair on the red carpet thanks to a change in her hair routine.

"Olaplex is amazing—that really helped protect and re-grow it," she said. "I deep condition all the time now, and I don't put heat on it at all unless I have to for work."

Olivia Wilde: Lessen Your Time in the Mirror

As a mom, Olivia has limited time to get ready. "I'm a mom. I've got a job. I'm super lazy," she revealed in a makeup tutorial this year. Her solution is simple and results in a monochromatic, natural look that you can wear everyday.

"I use the same stuff on my lips, same color for cheeks and lips," she shared adding a pink-toned blush  on her lips, then finishing it with a small amount of lip balm.

Tracee Ellis Ross: Try Out a Jade Roller

On Instagram, the black-ish actress shared some of her best beauty tips, including how to maintain youthful-looking skin.

"SWIPING AWAY THE YEARS ~ with face massage / de-puffer tools (this is what happens when you buy sh*t on Instagram) just to be clear...I have no interest in going back in time but I'm always game for some self-care or a beauty treatment!" she captioned the post in which she demonstrates how she uses a jade roller. "Every swipe I get younger." 

Awkwafina: Save Money on Blenders

The Ocean's Eight actress shared her life hacks this year, and there's one that makeup sponge aficionados can appreciate:

She revealed, "I use a sponge, too. Beautyblenders are so expensive, but then I walked into Forever 21 and they were selling them for two dollars each and I bought 50 of them. Now I can't tell which is the fake one and which is the real one." 

David Beckham: Mask More Often

The former soccer player gets most of his beauty tips and tricks from her wife, Victoria Beckham. According to a recent interview, face masking is a new discovery that he's picked up from his better half.

"The first time I did a mask was pretty recently, actually," David revealed. "I tried the Tom Ford clay one, and I really like it. I very rarely have the time to do a mask, but Victoria loves to do it before she's going to bed, or when she wakes up. Making the time to go for a nice facial is important—it doesn't just make you look better, it makes you feel great as well."

Heidi Klum: Exfoliate More

The America's Got Talent judge's solution for beautiful skin includes a drugstore product:

"I do like a scrub," she told E! News. "It's called Aapri. You can get it at the drugstore, because I believe it's good to exfoliate twice a week. You know, it keeps your skin rejuvenating, making new skin over and over again."