Jessica Alba's Makeup Tutorial Includes 3 Game-Changing Beauty Lessons

Makeup artist Daniel Martin and the Honest Co. founder break down her look

By Alanah Joseph Jul 13, 2018 11:59 PMTags
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Jessica Alba just released her most relatable beauty tutorial yet. 

To demonstrate what she refers to as "child on hip face" (a.k.a. makeup you can do while carrying a small human), the Honest Beauty founder and Creative Color Consultant, Daniel Martin, welcomed E! News to the company's headquarters. There, Jessica demonstrated just what goes into her signature beauty look and the products she's created to make her life as a mom easier.

"It's like a foundation and a concealer in one," she said told E! News host Carissa Culiner, holding the Everything Cream Foundation. "You can use a brush, or you can use your finger and go right in. I always need to go under my eyes because I don't sleep that much."

"Oh, I can relate to that," Carissa, a new mom, said in response.

9 Beauty Products from Jessica Alba's Makeup Artist's Kit

Mom or not, her beauty hacks and products promise to make your routine simple and fast. Check out her tips below!

In order to elongate her lashes, Jessica has a very simple beauty hack.

"What's interesting about the way she applies this is that she blinks into the primer," Daniel said as the beauty entrepreneur applied the Extreme Length Mascara + Primer. "She really coats it from base to lash end."

To explain why her lashes were already long and curled, she told Carissa, "I don't leave the house with curling my eyelashes."

Watch: Jessica Alba's Makeup Tutorial With Honest Beauty Products

Stating that seeing women "allow makeup to wear them" as her pet peeve, Jessica shared the contouring with bronzer is a good way to maintain a fresh, natural look. 

"We like to [contour] with a bronzer, because the bronzer has a little bit of mica in it, so it's dynamic," she shared. "It looks nice on the skin and it doesn't look stripy."

If you accidentally add too much product, "You can just buff it out," she stated.

Drinking water and taking off your makeup before bed isn't new advice, but the actress says that since she's turned 30, she's had to take even better care of her skin. 

"Drinking water matters," she said. "You can really see on someone's face when they're dehydrated or malnourished."

Watch the videos above for more tips! 

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