It Turns Out Cardi B and Offset's Baby Kulture Is a Total Daddy's Girl

"Bodak Yellow" rapper opens up about motherhood, marriage and fashion

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Watch: Cardi B Talks Motherhood, Marriage and More

Once again, Cardi B is getting real about all things motherhood-related.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper discussed her marriage, parenting and fashion with E! News and revealed some more info about her and Offset's baby, Kulture Kiari Cephus. There's one momentous day that Cardi can't wait for: the day her daughter says the word "Mama." But if Kulture murmurs "Daddy" first, Cardi would "I guess" be content with that.

The "Bartier Cardi" rapper told E! News' Justin Sylvester which parent Kulture tends to listen to a bit more. "She totally is a daddy's girl," Cardi revealed. "Sometimes she be throwing tantrums and I be telling Offset when he's on tour, 'Oh my God this girl be throwing the craziest tantrums.' Then when he come around, she doesn't do it."

She continued, "She makes me look like a liar, or like I'm exaggerating."

It turns out Cardi doesn't "Like It" like that.

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In addition to her already epic year filled with record-breaking songs and a hefty number of awards, Cardi B can also put "fashion designer" to her already-growing list of accomplishments. She's designing a line with Fashion Nova, which is fitting given how she emerged from Fashion Week as one of the biggest icons clothing-wise. Fashion Nova x Cardi B launches November 15 exclusively on

Cardi B discussed fashion with E! News and if having a baby has changed how she dresses. She explained that giving birth to Kulture and becoming a mom "hasn't changed my fashion sense."

"One day if I want to dress really raunchy, if I want to show my body I feel like I can. Why not? I already did it before," she elaborated. "You don't got to cover yourself just because you're a mom unless you're walking around with your baby."

Cardi and Offset welcomed Kulture into their life on July 10, and apparently the little girl "grows so fast."

If being a mom has changed anything about her life, it's that her "cutoff time" has been shortened a bit. "I used to be able to work 24/7, but now I just need to go home," she explained. "I wanna go home faster, I wanna spend time with my baby. I miss her."

Cardi and Offset have been private about sharing photos of Kulture and have only given the world little snippets of the baby, like her legs or hands. She recently revealed that she turned down a 7-figure deal to post pictures of her. "I'm just not ready yet," she told Beats 1 Radio host Ebro Darden. "I'm not even ready yet to have a damn babysitter."

About a month after giving birth, Cardi pulled out of joining Bruno Mars for his 24K Magic Tour. "I thought that after giving birth to my daughter, that six weeks would be enough time for me to recover mentally and physically," she said in an Instagram note. "I also thought that I'd be able to bring her with me on tour, but I think I underestimated this whole mommy thing. Not only am I just not ready physically, I'm not ready to leave my baby behind."

Apparently, it took the rapper "seven weeks to get back to normal" after giving birth, and she still isn't even "feeling 100%."

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The "Ring" rapper has also been open over the past few months about her post-partum depression and how giving birth changed her body. On Oct. 17, Cardi got pretty graphic with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! about Kulture's birth. "She broke my vagina," Cardi said. "People just be like, 'Oh, you know, when you give birth, it's gonna hurt,' but nobody tells you that like your vagina."

A little over a week after Kulture joined the family, Cardi was nominated in 10 2018 MTV VMA categories. She wanted to thank her fans, but didn't want to show her face. "It's your girl Cardi B. I wish I could show my face right now, but a bitch looks f--ked up in the game. My hair's f--ked up. My eyes are so dark and puffy. Like, I'm wild pale," she said in an Instagram video using a doll as a replacement of herself. 

The main advice she wants to relay to new mothers is to "watch out for the post-partum." 

She revealed a little bit of her own post-partum depression struggles. She told E! News, "My doctor told me I could maybe get post-partum, but I thought no way my life is great now. I have money, I have a baby, everything is good in my marriage.Then out of nowhere, you just start feeling so vulnerable and sad and so overprotective and you just need a lot of love and hugs."

Other than having a sweet little baby, Cardi's marriage to Offset seems better than ever. The Migos rapper bought his wife not one, but two Lamborghinis. He also got the word "Kulture" tattooed on his face and adorned his loving wife with some unbeatable Kulture-oriented jewelry for her birthday. When they first met, Cardi laid down her ground rules to her now-husband. "I don't date rappers," she said. "I don't date rappers because these rappers like a lot of women, and imagine if I fall in love with you and you're not trying to take me seriously. Why out of any woman that you could have, why you gonna choose me?"

Offset, however, was "consistent" and the rest is history.

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