Kim Richards Officially Charged in Hotel Arrest

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is reportedly in rehab following Apr. 16 arrest

By Baker Machado, Rebecca Macatee May 14, 2015 4:40 PMTags

Kim Richards has officially been charged after her Apr. 16 arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office confirmed to E! News that on Monday, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills war was hit with three misdemeanor charges: One count of public intoxication, one count of resisting, obstructing, delaying a peace officer or EMT, and one count of battery upon a peace officer. An arraignment hearing is scheduled for June 11 at the Los Angeles Courthouse.

During an interview with Dr. Phil late last month, Richards, 50, expressed remorse for the incidents that led to her arrest. "I'm a very strong person and I have been sober. I haven't been working a program," she told him, trying not hold back tears. "Living through a season on a show, sometimes it's hard to just get through."

Since the interview aired Apr. 28, multiple sources have stated that Richards is seeking treatment in rehab. In an interview on Jenny McCarthy's SiriusXM radio show Dirty Sexy Funny, Richards' close friend Brandi Glanville confirmed this and revealed that she'd visited her fellow Bravo star in rehab.

"If you saw where her rehab was...I was like, 'Anyone could use 30 days here,'" said Glanville. "It's really nice. I don't want to out where she is, but it's beautiful. I took the kids and I was like, 'This is beautiful.'"

Glanville admitted she "wasn't shocked" to hear Richards had been arrested, but she wasn't going to try to force her get help. "You know, at the same time, I had never seen her drink or do a drug," she mused. "If she wants to get help, that's her—I can't say to somebody, 'You need to get help,' because they're going to be like, 'F--k you, you have a problem. I don't have a problem.'"

A source told People it was Richards' personal choice to go to rehab, "because she got arrested, she humiliated her kids and she wants to avoid jail...If the arrest hadn't happened she wouldn't be going to rehab; it would be business as usual. She's in denial that she has a problem."

This isn't the first time Richards has sought help for her alleged addiction issues; back in December 2011, she checked into an undisclosed facility to address her issues with substance abuse. Her issues with addiction have also been documented on several seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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