Mercury in Retrograde: Celebrity Psychic Reveals What It Means & How It'll Affect Pop Culture

For an exclusive chat with E! News, mystic and tarot card reader Angie Banicki shared her predictions on what's in store for Mercury in retrograde.

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Mercury is in its last retrograde of 2020.

Tonight, Oct. 13 marks the last Mercury retrograde of this year and is expected to end on, wait for it, Tuesday, November 3. This means Election Day is the last day of Mercury in retrograde.

So, what exactly is Mercury in retrograde? We asked mystic and tarot card reader Angie Banicki, whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Roberts and more notable names, this very question.

In simple terms, when observing the planet from Earth, it appears to move in a reverse direction. However, for believers in astrology, this phenomenon—which occurs three to four times a calendar year—is more than an optical illusion.

Namely, as Mercury is believed to be the ruling planet of communication, everything from technology to mail to travel to relationships may be affected during this time.

She explained, "I always think of…review, revaluate. Like, there's a big thing with Mercury in retrograde with relationships, where people who have really been on the fence or struggling with things…either this revaluation will bring people into finally getting engaged or…brings it to this revaluation to be like, 'This can't be my life.'"

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While this may sound daunting, there is a positive to the planet being in retrograde.

As Angie relayed to us, "This is going to be amazing for those who can tap into the creative of it."

She also indicated that, by welcoming any delays presented during this time, an important truth may reveal itself.

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Still, as the celebrity mystic informed us, Mars is also in retrograde, which is said to affect action, aggression and desire. Thus, Angie predicted that this will be "the worst month of our year."

If you haven't groaned yet, we'll give you this moment to do so.

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Thankfully, Angie was able to answer all of our burning questions about how pop culture will be affected during this retrograde. We're talking what's to come for Kim Kardashian, Megan Thee Stallion, TikTok and so much more.

For all of these predictions and more, scroll through the images below.

Mail-in Ballots

Angie's Prediction: You may not need to be a mystic to predict this one. According to Angie, this year's voting process will teach us "what needs to change in the bigger picture."

"We're gonna fix it," Angie assured us before adding, "It's not gonna feel good, but it's a gift for how we're changing for the future."

For everyone stressing about voting, especially mail-in ballots, we urge you to send them out ASAP.

Kim Kardashian

Angie's Prediction: With Keeping Up With the Kardashians ending next year, we were eager to hear what Angie had to say about reality TV queen turned businesswoman Kim Kardashian. As for Kim's focus during Mercury in retrograde, Angie said it's all about her family.

"That's her focus now," she stated. "It doesn't feel like she wants to pour herself into work."

Apparently, after taking some time, the KUWTK star "will be back" in the spotlight.

Angie also mentioned "a location change" in Kim's future. Could Kim Kardashian Takes Wyoming be a possibility?

Only time will tell…


Angie's Prediction: What's to come for TikTok?

As E! readers may know, President Donald Trump has demanded that the US assets of TikTok be sold off to an American company or be shut down in app stores. While Oracle and Walmart are negotiating deals to acquire a stake in TikTok, it's unclear if they'll be finalized by the Nov. 12 deadline.

Although Angie predicted that "it is going away," she said the app will "come back in a way that it's…the upgraded version."

Not to mention, the High Priestess card (AKA "the oracle card") showed during the reading. So, it's safe to say that Oracle is TikTok's future.

Megan Thee Stallion

Angie's Prediction: 2020 has been quite the roller coaster for Megan Thee Stallion.

For starters, the rapper has had two number one songs—"Savage" and her feature on Cardi B's "WAP"—on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The 25-year-old artist also survived a shooting earlier this summer.

In regard to what's next for the up-and-comer, Angie predicted even more success, including opportunities outside the music industry.

"She's in a bigger transformation now," Angie said. "It really feels like she's making creative choices and it's not about the money."

Before concluding this topic, Angie suggested that Megan Thee Stallion may have an opportunity abroad.

"It's showing me her in her element," she added. "In a way that's beyond just the music."

The Future of TV

Angie's Prediction: Due to COVID-19, beloved shows like GLOW, I'm Sorry and Drunk History have been canceled. However, on a positive note, Angie said that the show you will be obsessed with next is in the early creation phase now.

"I don't think we're gonna, during retrograde or this month, feel like, 'Oh my god! I discovered this new show and it's my new favorite,'" Angie shared. "I feel like it's more like, the creation of it."

Alison Brie

Angie's Prediction: Speaking of GLOW, we had Angie predict what's to come for leading lady Alison Brie. Although Angie saw "multiple projects around" Alison, she predicted that the actress will struggle to be excited about work following GLOW's cancellation.

"I feel like she's feeling stunted creatively…even though there's possibility around her," the tarot card reader expressed. "It's almost like she's looking at GLOW and was really excited by that."

Thankfully, there will be another project that will "define her in another huge way."

iPhone 12

Angie's Prediction: Everyone loves a new iPhone, right? Wrong.

On Tuesday, Oct. 13, Apple unveiled a variety of 5G-enabled devices, including the new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Per the celebrity psychic, the newly announced iPhones will actually underwhelm consumers.

"No one is going to be that excited about it," she predicted. "It's not until the next one. This one feels like, underwhelming."  

You can find more of Angie on Instagram here.

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