Transgender Patient Maria Looks "F--king Beautiful" After New Nose Job on Botched

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One last nose job.

On Monday, Aug. 24's all-new Botched, new patient Maria turned to doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow for help after a disastrous plastic surgery journey. According to Maria, who is transgender, she underwent boob and nose jobs as part of her transition.

Following her initial surgeries, Maria noted that she went on to have three more successful nose jobs. Yet, as Maria detailed to the Botched camera, the prejudice she faced during her transition had her turning to plastic surgery to gain "access to that woman [she] felt inside."

"The reality is that people still sort of discriminated and treated me horribly because the fact that I'm trans," Maria relayed in a confessional. "I honestly thought that, at every turn, the next surgery would give me access to that woman I felt inside. I just wanted to be female and be accepted as female."

Per Maria, this is why she got a fifth rhinoplasty, which ended with disastrous results. As footage from that time proved, Maria's fifth procedure left her with a Grinch-like nose.

Paul Nassif & Terry Dubrow's Bromance

In order to right this botched job, Maria received filler in her nose. Unfortunately, five days later, Maria's nose suffered from necrosis.

While Maria thought she was getting her seventh and last procedure on her nose, she woke up to an implant in her nose. As Maria told the Botched camera, she specifically asked the doctor for no implants.

"It doesn't aesthetically look normal, it doesn't look pretty," she lamented. "I know that people are sort of looking at me saying, 'God, that girl went too far.'"

Thus, she needed Dr. Nassif's help in reconstructing her nose.

During her consultation with the doctors, Maria said she's ready to "go bigger" with her nose and accepted that "small doesn't equal feminine."

To take a closer look at Maria's situation, Dr. Nassif examined the new patient's nose in the exam room. Maria's case proved to be a complicated one as the necrosis damaged the thickness of her nasal skin.

"For me to do this for you: take a piece of rib, take some tissue from your scalp, open up your nose," Dr. Nassif explained.  "And to make it less pinched from the front, we have to make your nose wider."

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So Maria understood the gravity of this situation, Dr. Dubrow jumped in and shared some of the surgical risks.

"I've seen him do this thousands of times and he's the best in the world at this by far, but there's still the possibility that the blood supply is not adequate enough to keep the tissue alive," Dr. Dubrow stated. "And if you thought the tissue death you had before was significant, hold on to your glasses, because it could be a lot worse."

Despite Dr. Dubrow's warning, both Dr. Nassif and Maria confidently signed on for the surgery.


"Maria's previous surgeon removed as much cartilage as possible, making her nose smaller," Dr. Nassif told the Botched camera. "I'm using everything to reverse it…At least, six different types of grafts. And of course, the final icing on the cake, the glue canoe."

Even though this was a high-risk case, Dr. Nassif and his team were able to give Maria her dream nose.

"I am done with having anything done to my nose for sure," Maria said in a voice over. "I'm f--king beautiful."

Catch this inspiring case and others by watching the full episode here.


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