Terry Dubrow

"Botched" Patients Addicted to Plastic Surgery
Danielle Milian Botched 515
Krystina Botched 515
Danielle Milian Botched 515
Imani, Botched 514
"Botched" Recap (S5 Ep15): Viva Las Vegas Boobs
Jennifer Botched 514
Drs. Dubrow Has Concerns About Working on Christina Milian's Sister
Welcome to Jurassic Schnoz--"Botched" Recap: (S5 Ep14)
Shaina Has Oversized Southern Belles on "Botched"
Carmen Botched 513
Gaby, Botched 513
Paul Nassif, Terry Dubrow, Botched 512
La Demi, Botched 512
Laura Botched 512
Koffa Botched 511
Koffa, Botched 511
Jessie, Botched 510

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