New Patient Sarah Hopes the Botched Doctors Can Do Her 5th and Final Boob Job

By Alyssa Ray Aug 24, 2020 4:00 PMTags
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Will the fifth time be the charm?

In this clip from Monday, Aug. 24's all-new Botched, new patient Sarah presents her complicated history with plastic surgery to doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. According to Sarah, she first underwent surgery to increase her breast size to a double D.

"Double D?" Dr. Dubrow remarks. "We're going for it, huh?"

Unfortunately for Sarah, she quickly faced complications with her news breasts.

"I would say just less than two months later, my right breast swelled up," the new patient recalls. "Like, double the size."

After Dr. Dubrow asks if Sarah suffered from fevers and chills post-surgery, she confirms that she "felt real sick" at the time. But that wasn't the only side effect!

She continues, "Then it looked like somebody had taken my right breast and squeezed it."

Per Sarah, once she noticed an indentation at the bottom of her breast, she became "freaked out."

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"I didn't know what was going on," Sarah notes in a confessional. "So, I called the doctor and, as soon as I opened up my gown, the first thing he said was, 'Oh!'"

Apparently, the surgeon then informed Sarah that this had never happened to him before. Almost immediately, both Botched doctors hypothesize that Sarah suffered from a hematoma.

"I'm not even a breast surgeon, but I know if someone comes in with instant swelling following surgery, hello, that's a hematoma! Just like you would get in a facelift," Dr. Nassif tells the Botched camera. "How did this doctor not know that?"


As Sarah continues to present her case, she reveals that the surgeon promised to fix her breast—only to make matters worse. Not only was the indentation still present after her second procedure, but Sarah was left with an open wound around her areolas.

"I was pissed, I was real pissed," she laments later on. "Now I'm not dealing with just the indentation, now I'm dealing with the scarring."

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Since the surgeon kept "promising" to fix her chest, Sarah says she proceeded to get two more additional surgeries.

Apparently, a few days after the fourth surgery, Sarah's nipple began to rot away. Thus, she needs the Botched doctors help!

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On top of getting the indentation and the scarring fixed, Sarah hopes the swelling and pain can go away too.

"Normally, swelling is due to the accumulation of fluid, either by bleeding into the pocket or having some lymph fluid come in from the armpit," Dr. Dubrow concludes. "If that's the case, that's extraordinarily unusual and, frankly, very weird."

Hear all about Sarah's case in the clip above!