Dr. Paul Nassif Has Botched Patient Hope "Excited About Life" After Impressive Surgery

By Alyssa Ray Aug 11, 2020 2:00 AMTags
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Saving face.

On tonight's all-new Botched, doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow met with new patient Hope, who had multiple surgeries to repair her face after a terrible motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, due to the extent of her injuries, Hope was left with scarring and was unrecognizable.

"It took 13-and-a-half hours in surgery puttin' me back together," Hope recalled in a confessional. "About a week-and-a-half after, I looked in the mirror for the first time and I just cried, 'cause it wasn't me looking back at me."

As she continued, Hope detailed the emotional turmoil she struggled with following her accident and subsequent surgery.

"I was hurting, I was in pain, I was dysfunctional, I couldn't do anything for myself, I couldn't take care of my kids," she added. "And that's pretty upsetting for me."

Although Hope knew her face would "never be the same," she hoped the Botched doctors could even things out in order to help her social life. According to Hope, people would "stare" at the scars on her face.

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Thus, Hope went on to describe herself as a "recluse trapped in my own home."

During her consultation with the doctors, it was revealed that Hope miraculously had her accident in front of a paramedic's home.

"Hope was very lucky that a paramedic was there," Dr. Dubrow remarked later on. "Ironically, the unluckiest day in her life was also, weirdly, one of the luckiest."

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As the consultation continued, Hope noted that she had seven reconstructive surgeries and required a feeding tube for a year. Furthermore, the mother of two shared that she just wanted evenness between her eyes and help with her breathing.

She expressed, "They did do a nose surgery. Just the scar tissue on the right side is just...[there's] a lot of scar tissue in there. Like, if I had to rely on it to breathe, I'd suffocate."

While taking a closer look at Hope's face in the exam room, Dr. Nassif proposed a surgical plan that would alleviate Hope's scarring and nasal obstruction.

"I'm just excited to be able to look at myself again," Hope said after the consultation. "And not hate what I'm looking at."

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For Hope's surgery, Dr. Nassif enlisted the help of oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Guy Massry.

"We have a gigantic team today for Hope," Dr. Nassif stated while scrubbing in. "We have six surgeons today. Because of all the trauma she had, we don't know really how the anatomy is."

During surgery, Dr. Nassif and his team removed Hope's metal plate, implanted a fat graft, performed scar revision and cleared her airway.

"Overall, Hope is going to have an improvement, but she's not gonna look like what she looked like prior to the accident," Dr. Nassif shared with the Botched camera. "I hope that she's happy with the improvement, especially after a couple months when I'm able to put in some filler in her cheek and her lip to make her face look more symmetric."


Weeks after surgery, Hope received fillers as one of her baby steps towards healing. And the cosmetic procedure certainly made Hope feel more like herself again.

"Now, thanks to Dr. Nassif, I can breathe, my eyes are more symmetrical and I can finally look in the mirror and not hate what's looking back at me," she concluded. "I'm excited about life for the first time in a very long, long time."

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