Mercedes "MJ" Javid Shares Kind Words About Reza Farahan Despite Their Feud

Mercedes "MJ" Javid shared some kind words about her former BFF during an appearance on Andy Cohen's after show.

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There's plenty of positivi-tea to go around.

On Friday night, Mercedes "MJ" Javid and Nema Vand appeared on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live after show.

The Shahs of Sunset stars talked about the new season on Bravo, mending her relationship with GG Gharachedaghi and more. Additionally, there was a sweet and special moment when Javid shared some kind words over her former BFF, Reza Farahan.

"I think Reza's a hard worker. I think that he is very consistent," she expressed, after being asked what her favorite thing was about the reality TV personality. "We're magic together. We're just finishing each other's sentences, [like] Will & Grace, Ricky and Lucy [I Love Lucy]. It's just that synergy."

She explained that her most memorable trips with Reza are in Palm Springs, Calif. 

"I love our Palm Springs trips, that's our happy place...," she shared. "We just love it, we just have a great time together."

Famous Celebrity Feuds

Fans of the Bravo series will know that Reza and Mercedes have had an ongoing feud since last year.

The Shahs of Sunset co-stars had a falling out after Mercedes allegedly spread cheating rumors about Reza's husband Adam Neely, and even more shocking? MJ's husband Tommy Feight vandalized Reza's home.

In addition, Reza filed a three-year restraining order against Tommy over the incident.

Charles Sykes/Bravo

At the time, Reza shared his frustration over his tarnished friendship.

"When you're evil and plotting against your best friend of 30 years, make sure not to leave receipts in plain sight," he captioned his statement in May 2019. "The fact is someone that I loved, cared for and supported allowed fame to get to her head and she came for me while she was "dying" and in ICU. Luckily her health scare passed quickly and she was out and about going to the opening of an envelope."

For Mercedes, she felt a different way about how things played out.

"I think what you're gonna see from my perspective is someone who's deeply disappointed, deeply stunned and shocked by the turn of events. I think it's like a living nightmare," MJ told E! News two months ago.

"I'm definitely caught in the middle," she said of Tommy and Reza's incident. "I just recently was thinking about it. I thought to myself when I am a person who just had my baby, and it's a time that the family should be the closest. Isn't it interesting that I've had to take over caring about and caring for how Reza feels and caring about how Tommy feels, and worrying about them, and my baby instead of you know, celebrating?"

She added, "It's heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking that, above all else, you show up for your family, and you worry about the gossip later."

Despite everything, though, there's hope the two will mend their friendship.

To see the full WWHL after show clip, watch the video above!

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