Watch Reza Farahan Explode at Mercedes Javid for Spreading Cheating Rumors About His Husband

The Shahs of Sunset star confronts his longtime friend over claims she started the "strip Jenga" rumor

By Alyssa Ray Feb 13, 2020 6:25 PMTags

The beginning of the end.

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Shahs of Sunset, Reza Farahan confronts longtime best friend Mercedes "MJ" Javid for allegedly spreading cheating rumors about his husband, Adam Neely. In the season eight premiere, Destiney Rose and Mike Shouhed told Reza that Ali Ashouri said Adam hosted a "strip Jenga" game in his absence.

On top of that, Ali alleged that Adam was sending sexually explicit photos and texts to other men. Per the sneak peek above, it appears MJ may've played a part in all of this drama.

"Hey, Mers, did you tell Ali Ashouri to come confront me about sexually harassing people? That Adam has been sexually harassing him?" a heated Reza inquires on the phone to MJ. "He told me that you told him that me and my husband don't have a good relationship. You're sharing with a weasel that I don't know and that I don't trust things about my relationship?"

Although MJ begins to answer with, "Okay, full disclosure," she quickly hangs up the phone as her doctor enters the room. The lower third reveals MJ is speaking to Reza from the Post-Natal ICU.

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"Why would MJ share my most intimate, sensitive information with someone she knows I hate? Why?" Reza ponders in a confessional.

As E! readers surely know, things have been tense between the Shahs of Sunset co-stars for some time. Back in 2019, Reza obtained a three-year restraining order against Tommy Feight, the husband of Javid. It's alleged that MJ's husband vandalized Reza and Adam's home last year.

Of course, MJ isn't the only one Reza is angry at—and that's made abundantly clear as he sounds off on Destiney. Even though the Liquid Sweets founder says she "didn't do s--t," Reza calls out her loyalty to Ali.

John Tsiavis/Bravo

"You're talking to someone who is now saying my husband harassed him?" Reza retorts. "He is a bottom-dwelling piece of s--t that's creating problems in my life and in my marriage. If you wanna be friends with him, that's on you. But I'm not gonna f--k with you. It's that plain and simple."

Understandably, Reza is left thoroughly confused as he isn't sure who to believe.

"None of this makes sense to me right now," Reza concludes later on. "Is my husband cheating on me and I'm the only idiot in the room who doesn't know what's going on, and all my friends are laughing behind my back?"

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