Paul Nassif is going from doctor to patient on Botched By Nature!

On Wednesday's episode, Paul is in need of hernia surgery so Terry Dubrow agrees to do the operation on his friend.

In this clip from the episode, Paul arrives at Terry's office and he admits he's a little "nervous" before surgery.

"With any type of surgical procedure there's always risks," Paul explains. "And just like everybody else you get the little bit of anxiety. It is under a general anesthesia and you never know."

Then to add to Paul's anxiety, Terry jokes that he has a "massive hangover" just before heading in to surgery.

Terry tells Paul, "You know what's weird? Normally I sleep really well before a surgery…"

Paul Nassif, Terry Dubrow, Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 105


"Of course but you didn't sleep at all," Paul finishes his sentence.

"It wasn't so much the anxiety, it was the massive hangover that got me," Terry jokes.

"You and your stupid ass jokes!" Paul laughs.

Terry then quickly gets back to business and tells Paul he's going to "take care" of him!

Take a look at the video above to see Terry and Paul prepare for the surgery!

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